Tuesday, 28 February 2012

OPI Russian Navy Swatches and Review

I removed OotG this morning for the reasons that I mentioned yesterday, bubbles, scratches and gloomy weather which remains today :(. Because the weather is so miserable looking I didn't want to waste a gorgeous spring colour like I have a herring problem or Navigate Her, and the bright pink Snog would not feel right so I went with a vampy of course! From my untrieds, I chose Russian Navy as it is my kind of colour. 

As you can see it's a gorgeous deep, shiny blue however in the bottle it looks purple and even on the nail it looks a bit blurple, it's because it's made up of blue and red sparkles but it's super pretty whatever colour it is :P 

It looks really blue in the photo above this but here you can see the purple I was talking about. Because it looked so purple I got my favourite ever vampy purple out to compare the bottles 

This is Vivid Purple by Barry M, it's a polish I used to wear all the time along with it's blue sister :) but as you can see Barry M is a lot more purple and more vivid ;).

And here you can deffo see that Russian Navy has a little purple hint to her, she is actually blue. 

I had no problems with the application, after two coats it was opaque and rich in colour, I used a base coat first of course as these colours can stain and that was it, smooth as you like. I really love these types of colours and finishes, I think they suit everyone and they just look so elegant and super sexy. I especially like the way it looks with my cool skin tone and long nails, like I am a lady vampire ;). 
I managed to get a dint in my thumb :( boo, cos it took ages to dry for me so I used my miracle worker Sally Hansen Insta-Dri as a topcoat (after my nails were dry) and it bought the shimmer back to life and smoothed that dent right out. I can't stress how much I love this product, it is a life saver!! It just makes everything look perfect again and it feels so soft I love touching my nails when I have this on :P! 

I think if the weather is still crappy I might try my croc effect top coat as I'm going out for drinks with a good friend who I haven't seen in forever! I'm thinking either gold or pink or green or any other bright colour :D

Before I forget Models Own have just released a new collection of 5 shades for summer called the Kaleidoscope collection, I thought OMG they're doing Holos!! But no they're "pearlised distinctive shades, each to give a high-shine and gleaming colour" there's a blue, purple, raspberry, orange and yellow, they look a little boring from the promo shots, the orange might be interesting I would buy them but obv I'm on a no-buy :( *sigh* I could get them in secret? ;) jokes. I guess I'll just have to wait for someone to swatch them, I hope I'm wrong and that they are interesting! 

Seeyou soon :)


Lizzy said...

It really does look purple in the bottle! Very pretty deep blue, though. I wish I had internet on my phone. I *almost* picked up Stranger Tides yesterday then couldn't remember why I wanted it since it's kind of plain and ugly in the bottle.... Just rechecked your swatch and now I remember why I wanted it.

Unknown said...

I bought Stranger Tides yesterday!

Unknown said...

I love deep, dark blues!

Abbienail said...

Oh no way, you should go back and get it! :) I'll look out for it on your blog Bethany, hope you enjoy it :)

arfblat said...

I love the shimmer in this! Beautiful dark blurple!

GoingtotheShowing said...


Btw, I awarded you! Check out my post!

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