Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas countdown: Nail look 2 - dark gems

Welcome to my second Christmas nail look! Again it is more universally winterish than full on Christmas cracker! ;)
You know that everyone loves a good old vampy polish (I haven't said that in months!) for the colder, darker months and I'm no exception. I even went to the little chemist under the accommodation and bought a little Revlon Lasting Finish in Black Cherries (for like £2!!) as I was feeling that my collection was lacking a good dark shiny shade.

Two coats and I had sexy blackened purple/red nails but they didn't remain that way for more than a day ha! I added a little bit of glittttah from the Hungry Asian - Vote for Purple and then topped that off with my favourite things in this whole world, gems!

Sorry (not sorry) in advance for the hipster shot ;)  

what can I say, I looooove Starbucks :P
That's how old these pictures are, no red cups! I might have to get another Caramel Mac in a red cup purely for blogging purposes of course ;)

Seasonally appropriate I think! Next week the nails are going to get a little bit more cray and fun ;)
Now it's back to the dissertation :( I've procrastinated enough, all I want to do is make some embroidery, it's my new favourite past time, it's so fun, easy and enjoyable! Oh and paint my nails of course ;)

Merry Thursday everyone!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Christmas countdown: Nail look 1 tartan nail art

I was going to post my next Japanese style nail art but as I was photographing them I realised that they actually looked more Christmassy than Japanese which made me think that I have a few nail looks which are inadvertently Christmassy! So I am going to do, as the title suggests, a kind of nail art countdown till actual crimbo ;).
If I'm being honest I'm not too fussed about Christmas this year but I am excited for the opportunity to go uber cray with my nails and no one can question it, not that it has ever stopped me before but.....ya know  what I mean!

I'm easing you in gently with these first nails - they aren't necessarily reserved for Christmas as they are on trend and all that, so don't worry if you aren't ready for roast turkey nails just yet...

These nails have had 2 lives. In their first they were just Barry M nude with a white grid for a few days, which I enjoyed but then I got bored. I picked up my little paint brush and a red polish and filled in some of the squares until I the correct pattern for tartan. Then I went over the gaps with a black striper, finished with a fox and deer charm off of HEX et voila!

You can see the shade difference with the green nail :P you can see that I was wearing these for a while, look at the growth from the cuticle! Ha!
It was like having wrapping paper on my that was enjoyable ;) although with the charms I was channelling an English heritage look just without the dead foxes thankfully!

I've got another two looks lined up so I shall schedule them as not to miss my own deadlines. I have got to write 5,000 words of my dissertation by next Friday :| lawd help me! So not a lot of time for fresh nail art but maybe a colour change :).
Can I just ask: where did November go?!

Seeyou soooooon!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Inspired by...Japanese nail art (part 1)

After a week and two days of naked nails (yeah I know right!) I have finally had the time to actually do my nails, without feeling like I should be doing uni work. Also I found great inspiration from all the talented Japanese nail artists on insta and tumblr, especially Avarice - they do awesome detail work. There's something about Japanese nail art that is so distinctive but also the clients are really creative too, which is something I admire!

So, I am splitting this post into 2 parts as these are my two favourite different styles of JNA (of course there are many more); super detail and embellished. Today I am showing you my embellished style! Y'all know I love me some embellishment...more is more, right? However I have toned it down to suit the more feminine, delicate style of JNA that I have been seeing around lately :)

I recently bought two bags of mixed coloured gems from ebay, both have 1000 gems, I got 3mm and 1mm  and they were delivered the next day...amaaaaazing!

I used 3 coats of Barry M Nude for the base colour, it's real sheer which is nice as if you only wear one coat it just looks like you have lovely healthy nails ;)

If you've been reading my blog for a while you will know of my love for Macaroons...I found some in Ipswich, they were in Patisserie Valerie all this time! So, yeah, they are featuring in the next photos just cos (I just finished eating them all...feel so sick, I'm such a glutton at times -.-')

Here are the aforementioned gems!

Honestly such good value, and such fun to sort them out into colours...I'm not even being sarcastic :| there are so many colours!

Fun! I used MUA's version of caviar beads for the gold, red, purple and green beads, they took an age to sort out though lol! That's why this took a while to do, I was just sorting through multi coloured gems and beads :P.
I love the polka dot nails (inspired by nails_by_jen) they're so cute!
I imagine I'll be keeping these for a few days at least :)

Hope you likeeeee!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween nail art - severed fingers, organs and a nonchalant cat...


Long story short: my life at the moment is trying to juggle my dissertation, degree project and seeing my boyfriend so as usual blogging is on the back burner but you don’t expect anything else from me right?! ;). I have done my nails three times since I last posted! I’m slacking but doing my nails is definitely becoming a way to unwind and forget about uni!

I thought I should make the effort as it’s Halloween tomorrow…I went to Alton Towers scarefest for my boyfriend’s birthday so I did my Halloween nails last week! I am still wearing the nail art now (I only took the photos this morning :O) so I apologise if it looks a bit rough round the ol’ edges but it is ha!

I drew inspiration from several places, I found a Japanese nail artist who did these awesome organ nails and I just loved them so much, she’s on insta, she’s a real artist combining super detail nailart with more sculptural works! Her website is and her insta is @hatsukifurutani I would definitely recommend looking through her work!

You know I normally stay away from doing mixed nail art as I can never get it to flow and I still don’t think I achieved it but they look ok together, hey it’s Halloween, they’re meant to look weird ;)

The claw is back for Halloween!
As usual I just used my little brush and a black nail art pen, these were actually pretty quick to do, I was worried that I wouldn’t be as handy with my left hand anymore but I completely forgot I was using that hand so it went smoothly :P

My favourites are definitely the heart and lungs! Nowhere near as good as Hatsuki’s but I’m happy with them :).

I hope everyone has a fun Halloween (if there’s anyone reading this that is…)

I’m not sure when I’ll be posting again but I will be for sure!

Monday, 30 September 2013

I'm all about that Nail Life...


It's good to be! As you may, or may not, know I moved back to uni two weeks ago, which normally isn't a problem, however my new laptop thang doesn't have an Ethernet port and the accommodation only uses long story short I finally have a usb to Ethernet adapter that works! Two weeks without a laptop was hard...thank god for the iphone :P.

Anywho, these nails are something I've been thinking about doing for a while now, and I figured that whilst I was on a nude nail hype (and was lacking alternative ideas/inspo) I would utilise my spare time ha! I love using my nails as a way of expressing how I'm feeling or showing what I love, so I was thinking of a phrase to use to show my love of the nail art world, it was harder than it sounds to think of  two four letter words :P I was thinking "nail junkie" but that wouldn't have worked as one letter would have been on my thumb so it wouldn't have flowed. I'm sure I've heard the phrase "nail life" floating around on insta and I think it's pretty perfect, it's kinda funny and it confuses people who aren't part of the community...aka muggles, they're like "what does that mean?!?!" and my reply is always, if you don't know, you don't know ;).
There's something about finger tattoos that I really love however I would never get them done on myself so I compromised and used my nails...I love typography and just letters in general however I am not gifted in that area so I just copied an old favourite of mine; old English.
I practised the type a couple of times trying to get it as small as possible to fit onto my redonkulously slim nail beds and then I just went for it using a nail art pen (haven't used one in a while!).

Basically I loved these nails but like I said, no one else did ha! My sister couldn't read the letters....but that's my sister so she doesn't count ;)

Ok so I'm living in student halls, yep again, and there's this guy who lives next to me but in a different flat, he thinks he can sing...I've got no problem with people singing along to songs in the day time but he is singing at the top of his voice, at midnight to cringy old songs like "Stand by me"....REALLY DOE, why why why is all I think oh and shut the ffffff up...I don't think anyone can understand how embarrassing and irritating this is! He does vocal licks like he thinks he is on x factor...he's really trying but he sounds like he should be singing in a working mans club on a sunday afternoon. GAWD I hate students hahahahaha.
Sorry about that ;)

I'm going to go catch up on the blog posts that I've missed over the past two weeks! Wish me luck ;)

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

China Glaze - Blue Sparrow swatches

Hey, just a swatch for you today :)
I got this bottle from my favourite place to get discounted old china glaze, sally's salon know I love blue and at £2.15 how could I resist?! Blue sparrow claims to be neon, however it doesn't look even remotely bright which is slightly confusing? It has lovely lighter blue glitter running through it which makes it look like velvet when it is left as a matte!

I found that I had to do three coats as it was very streaky and uneven, it didn't self-level at all :( however it is a gorgeous colour so I can forgive its misdemeanours :p

For some reason my nails look short here :O
So it's a very lovely colour but it's definitely not neon, I would try it over white but my bottle of Barry M white has turned into a gloopy mess despite being half full....I think it's time to invest in a more expensive white :(
Talking of expensive polish...have you seen YSL's plummy offering for a/w?! It's so beautiful, I think it may become my first YSL polish 😍 hehehe  

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Grunge nail art, take two!

I had the idea for this nail art one day when I was removing some neon polish, as I had a white layer under the neon and as I removed it you could see both layers and I thought it looked really cool....and then I forgot about it.
I remembered it though a few weeks later and quickly drew it into my new nail art folder/sketchbook thing (I'll show it you when I've got a few more ideas down!) which I got the idea for from @attitudenails on instagram :). I finally did the nail art after my birthday using one of the polishes my bestie got me :) - Rimmel Sun Downer which is a gorgeous red orange, two coats and it was glossy and smooth :O.

I did two coats of sun downer and then a coat of topcoat, then when that dried I did a quick layer of white and then a layer of SpaRituals you can imagine all those layers took a while to dry but this is the easiest nail art I've done recently so it was quite nice to just sit around and wait for my nails to dry as once they were dry it literally took 5 minutes to achieve the look on both hands haha!
I got a new catbird ring for my birthday :D
Creepy bubbles on my thumb :(

All I did was did a cotton bud (q-tip) into nail polish remover and then I just made like I was removing my polish but in a more precise way and voilà jagged, edgy nail art was born :p.
I chose not to topcoat as I thought it would make it look too, well, glossy :p when this look is about looking undone and grungy :).
I was influenced by my phone case too I think, I mean look at it!! £20 and it's just wearing away....but to be fair I do like how it looks haha

The weird thing is that my favourite blogger Lizzy recently posted a very similar look but she used a different method, great minds think alike eh ;) you can see her wonderful creation here :D

I'm moving back to uni this weekend woohooooo but don't fear I have a couple of posts written and scheduled :O I know I'm actually organised for once in my life :P!

I'd love to know where you get nailspiration from, the weirder the better ;)


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