Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Butter London Bluey Swatches and Review

Good Afternoon, today I have a not so glowing review :(. I'll give you the pictures first incase you don't want to read the bad stuff.


So I put Bluey on yesterday around 3pm my basecoat was completely dry so I put on one thin ish coat and let it dry except it didn't dry...3 hours later and it was still dentable. I couldn't wait any longer so I put another coat and it still wasn't dry when I went to sleep around 11pm!! That's at least 7 hours! When I woke up this morning I really wasn't loving it, it was covered in sheet marks and dents and I didn't love the colour either. 
It's a teal shimmery colour, it's nice enough but I don't know I'm just not loving it, it sparkles nicely in the light, it looks darker in the shade. Honestly I think I'm just biased because of my bad experience but everyone else seemed to have a good time with it so it can't be that bad, right? 
I'm going to remove it now and put on an old favourite Barry M Navy, gah I love it so much, I'll show you later. 
Have a good day/night :P


Lizzy said...

omg I hate when a polish won't dry! I do like this color, but sheet marks can destroy any color. :/ Sorry you had such a bad experience. That's kind of why I'm afraid to invest $14 for these.... you just never know. At least if a $2 polish sucks it's not so bad.

Abbienail said...

It's never happened to me before! I know I'm totally bummed out I might have to sell it on ebay to get some money back...or I could save it for a future giveaway, would that be bad though?
Yeah I just wish we had decent cheap polishes here, the colour ranges are so boring!

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