Friday, 9 March 2012

OPI I Have a Herring Problem Swatches and Review

Hey, yesterdays weather was sunny and it felt like spring to me (it was actually really cold) so I craved a lovely dusty happy colour, I picked IHAHP as it seemed to fit the bill. You might have noticed that my choices are nearly always dictated by the weather, I have to seize the sun and wear happy colours when I can :P. 
Anyway on with the OPI 

All pictures taken with flash and artificial light, at night as usual, maybe I should try taking them in the day with actual daylight ;).

I really love this colour, it reminds me of a pair of jeans, especially with the grainy texture. I also think it reminds me of Zoya Neeka and Yara again because of the speckled grainy shimmery texture. I love those two and I love this! 
From the first swatches I saw if the Holland Collection I originally wanted I Don't Give a Rotterdam but they didn't have it in the shop I was in so I got this one instead and I'm so glad I did, I still want Rotterdam as it will complete my mini collection of grainies ;). 
I used two coats here but I should of used three as it's still a bit bare in some places (SH ID helped with that though) it went on nice enough, I'm getting a bit more used to the brush now :P. 
What you can't see in the pictures is that when the light hits the apparently silver shimmery speckles they turn to gold, it's gorgeous, you get this gold flash as you move your hands around, I really really love this colour!! It's kind of a muted dusty blue but those speckles give it so much life and depth. I am in love with this colour, I'm taking it home with me today to try and put it on my mum's nails hahahah, I know my sister won't like it cos it's not pink....
My pictures show the silver side of the shimmer and how shimmery it is but the blue isn't as deep it's a lot lighter like I said. Gah it is lovely! 


Lizzy said...

It really is an amazing color. My only OPI and I'm not disappointed. Looks great on you.

Unknown said...

It definitely does look like jeans! I like I Don't Give A Rotterdam better though!

arfblat said...

Lovely color and it does look great on you!

Abbienail said...

Good choice for your single opi! Thanks darl

Abbienail said...

Mmm I like it a lot, yeah I really wanted Rotterdam but I couldn't get it :( I saw your swatches, it's gorgeous

Abbienail said...

Thank you sweetie :)

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