Saturday, 9 June 2012

Maybelline Pro Rose Poudre Swatches, studs and soppyness

You've been warned from the title that this is about to get soppy (only a bit I promise) but first the polish. Can you believe that this is my first nude polish! I saw this on a while ago and decided it would be a good place to start, I was right lol it looks quite dark in the bottle maybe too dark for me on first appearances however I think it's a decent match. It's quite beigey with pink undertones. 

This is only two coats that glided on so easily, a really lovely formula, it dries quite dull but obviously that's not a problem when I was going to Seche Vite it anyway :). These polishes cost £4.09 which is an odd price right? But I think this is worth it, I really like it. 
I bought some studs off ebay for £0.99 you get 75 little gold studs in a resealable bag I'd been wanting some forever but I kept forgetting to get some hahaha. To put them on I used a cuticle stick thing as for some reason they stuck to it :P and then just pushed them around until I was happy that they were lined up properly. 

I am cray about this, honestly I love this!! I think it looks so chic and sophisticated (first time for everything ;)) nude and studs are a timeless combination that everyone should try once, they look great, easy nail art :D. 
Here's where it gets soppy, tomorrow is mine and the boyfs two year anniversary, I know that it's not a very long time to some people but I like to celebrate the little things in life. So here is the final touch to my mani my fake tat ;) I used Orly Ma Cherie (which the lovely Anna sent me) and dotting tools to create the heart and my white nail art pen which as you can see is going stringy, oh noes. 

The claw....sorry about the hideous flash!

I'm really happy with this mani :) my only quarrel is the photos, I always do my nails at night for some reason lol so I am forced to use flash, I don't think they're that bad? 
Can I just say that I'm super happy that my nails look smooth for once!! No canyons!!! Woo this must be a miracle working polish!
Have a good night/day lol 


Anonymous said...

That's such a sweet idea Abbie! Two years is a great achievement so I think it's nice you celebrate. And I really love this polish color, its somehow still edgy while being very classic and neutral :)

Abbienail said...

Thank you Latoya! ^__^ yeah it is really nice in person too, not boring which is good haha

A Polish Addict said...

Wow, that's a lovely mani!

The Sneakerette said...

i think that's the perfect nude for you! i love the studs you added :D

Lizzy said...

Congrats on two years! So it's not forever, it's still a really long time and I'm so happy for you. :) That is a fantastic looking nude color, too. The studs with the fake tattoo are phenomenal together. Biker chic. ;)

Kas said...

That colour looks stunning on you! You got the perfect nude the first time round(that kinda sounded dirty). Anyways I hope you had a great anniversary!

M. Fourey said...

Congratulations for those two years ^^ Did your bf like the heart?
That nude matches your skin very well, I thing you picked it up wisely :)

Abbienail said...

Thank you :)

Abbienail said...

I wish it looked like that IRL it is nice though :) hehe me too :p

Abbienail said...

Aww thanks :) hehe biker chic I like it ;) thank you lovely

Abbienail said...

Hahaha! Thank you sweets, it was good :)

Abbienail said...

Thank you :) yeah he was all like 'awwwww thanks abs' :P mmmmm I think so too :)

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