Monday, 16 July 2012

Cray cray Leopard print Rainbow gradient

Sorry Lizzy it's not Zuza just yet :P 

I saw a design on Wahnails instagram of these rainbow leopard print nails and I thought they were so awesome so I had to recreate, mine are a bit different and very bright! I started with a white base to make all the colours pop and to save time ;) so I used Barry M Matte white, which is an okay white, I only used two coats as I didn't need full coverage. Here are all the polishes I used 
Barry M Matte White, Kiko 358 Peach Rose, Dior Riviera, Barry M Cyan Blue, Kiko 355 Canary Yellow and China Glaze I'm with the Lifeguard 
Kind of a teaser for what's to come in like 5 seconds hahahhaha 
I used the on the sponge method, I love how the colours blended together to make new colours :) I am in LOVE with Lifeguard, it's so neon hahaha. In real life this is very bright and vibrant. Next is the leopard print on top of this cray cray gradient. 
Left hand in natural light 

Right hand in natural light 

I love the way the gradient on my right hand turned out the best, it's so pretty! I wish you could see how bright this is and how fun it looks. All we need now is sunnnnnnnnnn stupid England, I swear we are never going to get summer here :(. I freehanded the leopard print using my new and improved Wah nail art pen in black, I have a much better experience with that pen now that it's changed haha.
The gradient looks so much nicer in real life not as sludgy as it looks on the first picture. I'm happy happy happy with this and my photos too. I think I'll start doing photos of both my hands when I do nail art from now on so you can see that I do it on both nails ;). 

You like how I've decided to get all fancy with my photos? I want my blog to look good and I should put my degree to use ;). I got my results and feedback through the post today and I'm very pleased with myself, I got a 2.1= overall which is good to say I never studied photography in college, it goes to show that you can do anything you want! I love this course so much, I can't wait to start my second year in september!! Wooooo. 


M. Fourey said...

Lady that is some crazy leopard for summer! Amazing, I say! You're not to pass unseen on the streets now, beware! :p

Lizzy said...

Awesome sponging!! And great leopard print. Totally amazing. I hope you get some sun, soon!!

Unknown said...

A few years ago I visited England in late August expecting it to be hot...BOY WAS I WRONG! >.< I had barely anything weather appropriate to wear, I was very frustrated lol. About your nails...this print, with the color, and your nail shape...seriously intimidating! In a good way!

Cristina Santos said...

Wow! he final result is so gorgeous!! :)

I have given you the Versatile Blogger Award! :)Check it out in my post


PassionForPolish said...

Sooo awesome!!

Nail Dazzler Nails said...

The gradient looks great. Love the colours.

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