Saturday, 14 July 2012

Nails Inc Chester Terrace swatches

Hi, it's pooey weather here which gave me an excuse to wear a darker colour namely one from my Lucky Dip, I figured that I should give them a chance ;). I chose Chester Terrace and as usual I found maybe one swatch! So it was a nice surprise when as soon as I put it on it started drying to a satin finish! I say satin as it's not completely matte it has a velvety glow to it rather than being flat. As I've come to expect with Nails Inc it was a pleasure to apply, a perfect formula! I used three coats although two was sufficient. I did three as my ridges were crazy visible! My base combo isn't working anymore so I think I may bite the bullet and try buffing :/ I'm scared to do it though as I've always had healthy nails and I don't want to ruin that y'know. 

The polish is a deep teal in the bottle and when it's on my nails it turns quite blue but never black, I meant to take a picture before it dried but I wasn't that quick ;). I'm hoping that the other colour I got in my lucky dip is from the same 'texture' collection, that'd be sweet!
See what I mean about ridges and tipwear? Natural light 2 coats
Just to show off my points ;) and because the polish looks smooth and unblemished here! Flash 3 coats
(Sorry about the photos apparently I had my eyes shut when I was taking all of my pictures...) 
It's really nice, my nails feel like they are wearing leather or something it's kinda hot ;). 
The only down side to this is that I've had major chippage and tip wear after a couple of hours :( boo. Do you like how my nails are getting pointier? Cos I really do, I want bad ass nails, nail swag cos I'm a nail junkie ;) No nails no life right!?! Hahahahhaha 

I've finally gotten round to buying a glass file and ooooffft I just love it! It really does finish off your edge perfectly and it take the chore out of filing which we all know can be a bore. With this nail shape I'll never have to use clippers again on filing so the thought of being able to use a nice glass file that should last years is a good one. Oh yeah and I love the little black velvet pouch, soooo good to feel ha!


Unknown said...

This is lovely! It really does look like leather :)

Anonymous said...

I love the satin finish it has! Such a beautiful color.

Unknown said...

Very interesting color! It does look like leather on your nails! :)

M. Fourey said...

You're right, China Glaze stole the perfect name for this polish: Liquid leather! Looks amazing, this finish is so interesting. A bit like the rubber finishes from Illamasqua, right?
And yes, your nails are looking quite badass now! You nailed it, the nails should be swag if you're a nail junkie..! Even though work and all do not make it always possible *cry cry cry*
As for the glass file, I love it. Bought mine at Sephora a year ago and it still works like the first day! Had tried a metal file before, and I love it, but the glass one beat it up hands down.

Unknown said...

This looks so freaking badass! Especially with that nail shape. I really need to get a glassfile...I've been using the cheapy disposable ones. But I don't know what kind to get because if it lasts so long, I wanna get the right one!

Lizzy said...

Awesome points. ;) Not near as frightening as I've seen on some people. I think your skinnier nails really work well for it. That blue is so awesome! I love the finish on it. *hearts*

Abbienail said...

Hahaha thanks ;)! Yeah I just grabbed the first one that I saw :P mine was about £7 from superdrug so not bad at all, I might decorate the top though, it's too plain ;)

Abbienail said...

Haha yeah totally :P I thought it was a bit similar but I think the Illamasqua rubber finish is even more shiny :D. Heheeh thanks girrrl ;) oh that sucks I'm very glad I don't have to tone down my nails for work, one day maybe but right now I'm rocking cray cray nails ;). I hope mine lasts that long! I tried a metal file before and I really hated it, it kept catching :(

Abbienail said...

Hahah! Thanks chicka ;) I knew you'd love it what with your matte obsession ;)

Abbienail said...

Gorgeous right :) I think the colour would fall flat if it was shiny though

KarenD said...

Yes, very nice finish on this one.

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