Saturday, 12 January 2013

Foil nail art with tutorial

Hey everyone, I've read all your comments about what you'd like to see more of and I've listened! I'll be doing a stash post tomorrow for those who asked :) and today is some nail art with a tutorial. See I can be a good blogger :P. I'll try and get some more swatches in soon too!

So I got some nail art foils from ebay but I didn't quite know what I wanted to do with them so I've left them until now. The illustrated nail posted a picture on instagram last night and I was inspired so I have done my interpretation.
 Here is the finished look....

I like it, it's a bit of edge and a bit of understated bling ;)

Here's the tutorial in two parts, partly because I didn't like the layout available for the 7 pictures but also because I thought the foil one was kind of handy on its own if you wanted to know how to distress it :)

1. Colours used here are Barry M Black, Max Factor Intense Plum, Seche Vite and the foil.
2. In order to get a distressed look I took a scalpel, but you could use scissors or a sharp knife, although not if you use the knife for cooking as when you scrape away the surface bits of glitter get everywhere! Turn the foil over and gently scrape away the back.
3. This is what it should look like, don't worry if it looks like you've scraped away too much as when you put it over your nail the look isn't as visible.
4. Finally cut out your chosen shape, again I used my scalpel but scissors would do equally.

1. Paint your nail in the chosen colour.
2. Whilst the second coat it still wet, blob on your second colour using the polish's brush and swirl it around to slightly mix the two together. It's a kind of alternative to a smooth gradient, I like it ;).
3. You can either use topcoat or the base polish to stick the foil to your nail. Finish with a topcoat but be sure to blob it over the foil as to not smudge the colour.

Hope you like this nail look, it's something a bit different but still cool and more importantly it was quick and easy!! The quick thing is a rareity with my nail art nowadays but trust me it took hailf an hour to do all 10 fingers! Woohoo

Let me know if you try this :)


Lizzy said...

Awesome!! :D Half an hour is pretty quick! I think now that Christmas is over I'll be trolling eBay for some cheap art supplies soon. hehehe I can't wait to see your stash!

Katie Simpson said...

These look fab :)

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