Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Christmas countdown: Nail look 1 tartan nail art

I was going to post my next Japanese style nail art but as I was photographing them I realised that they actually looked more Christmassy than Japanese which made me think that I have a few nail looks which are inadvertently Christmassy! So I am going to do, as the title suggests, a kind of nail art countdown till actual crimbo ;).
If I'm being honest I'm not too fussed about Christmas this year but I am excited for the opportunity to go uber cray with my nails and no one can question it, not that it has ever stopped me before but.....ya know  what I mean!

I'm easing you in gently with these first nails - they aren't necessarily reserved for Christmas as they are on trend and all that, so don't worry if you aren't ready for roast turkey nails just yet...

These nails have had 2 lives. In their first they were just Barry M nude with a white grid for a few days, which I enjoyed but then I got bored. I picked up my little paint brush and a red polish and filled in some of the squares until I the correct pattern for tartan. Then I went over the gaps with a black striper, finished with a fox and deer charm off of HEX et voila!

You can see the shade difference with the green nail :P you can see that I was wearing these for a while, look at the growth from the cuticle! Ha!
It was like having wrapping paper on my nails...so that was enjoyable ;) although with the charms I was channelling an English heritage look just without the dead foxes thankfully!

I've got another two looks lined up so I shall schedule them as not to miss my own deadlines. I have got to write 5,000 words of my dissertation by next Friday :| lawd help me! So not a lot of time for fresh nail art but maybe a colour change :).
Can I just ask: where did November go?!

Seeyou soooooon!


M. Fourey said...

They look fab ^^ I am excited about this Christmas series! The charm is so fitting too!!

Galorious said...

so awesome, i love it! i also love the charm :D

Lizzy said...

Oh that is awesome! Great way to ease me in. ;) I've already been overly inundated and the month's only just started....

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