Thursday, 16 February 2012

Essie Going Incognito Swatches and Review

Evenin' :) 
Sooo tonight I am reviewing another old Essie Going Incognito from Winter 2010 which I recently acquired as you may know. I'm a sucker for green, like my boyfriend said Green is obviously my colour lol, I don't know why I just love greeen, it's never dull and always happy. 

These pictures are colour accurate and I'm so happy about that, look at how lovely she is :). Going Incognito is a forest green which almost looks ever so slightly teal at times, I'm not complaining it's a beautiful colour and I think it really suits my skin tone. The application was opaque on two and a half coats for me cos I had tiny bald spots on a few nails, it took ages to dry though even with SH Insta-dri eventually it got there. 
Despite how lovely she is on her own I just couldn't help but to mess and put a design on top, it looks good on my left hand but it is horrendous on my right hand and I have no excuses, I haven't done any designs on my nails in a while so that could be why. Anyway onto the pictures

I do like it but I think I should have left my nails plain especially since I ruined the other hand -_-* oh well at least it's quite a dark design ;). 

On another note I am spending more and more money to fuel my once-was-normal-now-is-insane addiction to nail polish (see I even call it polish now not varnish! What's happening to me??) so as I am at uni and should be spending my money on laundry or drinking or something I have pledged not to buy anymore polishes until I have used all my untrieds! For a lot of the blogs I read this would mean they would never buy polish again :P but luckily I only have 20 left to go including the two Butter Londons and an effect topcoat I bought off ebay (for a stupid price :(). It was that that made me realise I need to stop but then we went to Colchester and they sold OPI LIKE EVERYWHERE! And I couldn't buy a single one not even Swimsuit nailed it! :'( *cry cry* 


Lizzy said...

It would appear we got to the same point at about the same time. XD Thankfully browsing nail blogs has helped me a bit. Except when it just gets me all excited....

Abbienail said...

Lolol yeah me too, but they make me want all the old colours and the new ones! It's not fair :P

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