Friday, 24 February 2012

Revlon Plum Fizz

Hey, I was meant to post this last night but I was too tired. I am wearing my 9th polish from my untrieds that means I have worn 9 different polishes from last tuesday to today! Ha! Anyway, Plum Night is a lovely dark purple but it NEVER looks black IRL however as it's purple ofc my camera couldn't capture it right so it looks too greyed out :( I nearly didn't post these pictures because they don't do my final mani justice at all. 
This is two medium coats for opaque coverage, it took forever to dry :/ but it is a nice vampy shade of purple :). 
After that I added two coats of Revlon Grape Fizz which for the record, doesn't smell like grapes :( I only picked this up the other day...before my no-buy as I had never seen it on the Revlon stand before, I know it's not new to the US at least. Anyway I looove it, so sparkly and pretty and the smell ain't so bad the next day, it kept making me smile everytime I smelt it :). 
Pictures aren't too good, 

Erm yeah. I told you they weren't great, you can't really tell how lovely it looked :( after a night I was so bored with it, I decided to mattify, best decision ever! It took it to a new level of pretty. 
Everyone knows that glitters, flakies and flecks are just waiting to be mattified, they just look so awesome. 

With flash to show the inner glow

These two are with artificial light to try and get the colour accurate as possible.

Ugh I just love how velvety it looks when matte, it's larvely ;) I used Rimmel Pro matte top coat, I highly recommend that you try this out :) Grape Fizz really comes alive when layered over Plum Night it's a really good base for it IMO I just wish I had Facets of Fuchsia as well to put on top :P. 

I'm changing this today though, after lunch to OPI Stranger Tides so look out for that! 

Seeyou later


Lizzy said...

I love a matte topcoat! Such pretty colors.

Unknown said...

This is amazing as a matte!

Abbienail said...

I know! Good decision eh :)

arfblat said...

Hi, just found your blog, it's lovely! Great decision, it looks awesome matte! Beautiful purple!

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