Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Pancake day Floral nails

Good morning! Today is my favourite day, Pancake day!! Woop I'll be having mine later with lots of golden syrup, so fatty but sooo tasty ;). So the other day I finally bought some dotting tools and I love them! Why have I only just invested? I say invested I got a set of 5 for £1.99 off ebay :P.

I can't believe it but yesterday I removed saint George after having on for 24 hours...I don't know what's happening to me, I'm going to blame the stupid British weather because yesterday was so gloomy and St. G deserves sun it just looked so sad on my nails without the sparkle so I had to take it off. I put on a very grown up colour (I'm only 19...) Mushroom by Barry M which I'm meant to be wearing Wednesday to Thursday but I've moved it up obv. 

It's a nice enough colour on its own, when applying it it looks just like melted milk chocolate! Yummmy.

It required 3 coats, nice application though, as usual with Barry M

But I'm not crazy about this colour, its just a bit bland and mature for me however it was the perfect base for me to try out my newly acquired dotting tools! Yay! I chose to do roses but they are more abstract flowers than roses per say. I like them alot I know this design has been done a trillion times, most likely better than mine but mine makes me happy :). I did yellow roses too because they are my favourite, they're so joyful. 
This is my left hand 

This is my right which went soo much better than my other hand, despite the fact that I am right handed, it always works out that way....weird

Sorry about the quality and dirt...taking a picture with your left hand is incredibly difficult :P

I used Barry M mushroom as the base
Sinful Colors Cabana as base of pink flowers
Essie Limited Addiction as shadow 
Revlon Sunshine Sparkle (how cuuute) as yellow base
Models Own 25 carot gold as shadow 
H&M Polish me happy as leaf base 
Essie Going Incognito as shadow

Phew! Hope you like it and have a good pancake day!!


Lizzy said...

omg my nails keep turning out that way, too! Where the right is better than the left even though I'm right-handed. Your nails are so pretty and this design is so cute. I'm looking forward to digging through your archives. :)

Abbienail said...

Haha how weird!! Thank you so much :) heheh that's my favourite thing to do :P I love going through the old posts :D

Unknown said...

I love these flowers! So cute! I'm left handed and it is really hard to take a picture with your left hand because camera's are made for people who are right handed!

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