Saturday, 21 July 2012

Chanel Graphite Swatches

So my Chanel finally arrived from ebay, 9 days after I paid! Really bad seller, she never replied to my messages and took so long to post it :( but I have it now and I had to put it on, it's so pretty!
I'm not just saying this because it's Chanel but honestly a great formula, it just glided over the nail, also because it's kind of foily/glittery it ignores all my ridges and makes me feel like I have nice nails again ;). 

 I know why it's called totally looks like sparkly pencil lead ;) hahaha the above photos show what it looks like in both the SUNNNNNNNN and the shade :( yes we have sun finally! We are meant to experience a heatwave this week which is funny as my dad is off to Australia tomorrow and it'll be hotter here than there :P. Anyway Graphite is so sparkly and grown up, I'm not sure if there is glitter in there or just magical sparkly stuff ;) either way it's darn pretty. The glittery stuff is a gold ish colour like in the top photo and so it creates a warm shimmer over the grey. 
I had to do an 'action' pose, it is Chanel after all ;) I love how chic it looks here though :). In case you're wondering I'm holding my new Phone purse, I love it! One half is a phone holder and the other side has three card slots and room for a few notes so its perfect if you only want to take your phone and a bit of money also hopefully it'll protect my phone when I inevitably drop it again :P mine was £14 from Topshop, they have a wide selection I suggest you look into them if you're a bit of  clutz like me ;). 

On Monday I will be posting Zuza! :D 


Unknown said...

Pretty polish! I'm more interested in this iphone case though LOL! I need something like that, to hold my phone and my credit card/ID. That way I'm not just stuffing things into my bra when I go clubbing haha

Lizzy said...

Dude that is SO chic! I can't believe how pretty it is. In the bottom picture I can't tell is that reflection or is there a slight duochrome?

Abbienail said...

LOL well check these out then ;) they have the ID slot too, hey're so cute and a really good invention :)

Abbienail said...

I know rightttt! I think it might be reflection although it's hard to tell with this polish as it's constantly looking different so y'know it could be :P

Kas said...

This is stunning! I actually much prefer this over Peridot.

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