Saturday, 9 March 2013

Essie Turquoise & Caicos swatches

Hi, I can't believe it's been this long! So much uni work is the project is due on monday which is probably why I'm finally posting; major procrastination ;). I actually took these photos 5 days ago, tut tut.

Anyway, the polish in question is the perfect turquoise; Essie Turquoise and Caicos. My experience was much the same as other reviews - thin, streaky formula but it's worth it, the colour is just so happy! I think I did 3 coats as I had quite a few bold patches after the second.
I decided to do an accent of Barry M Limited edition christmas gold thing, as I think turquoise and gold is the best combo yo.
A nice bit of handcream there on my pinky ;)
The ring on my index is from catbird nyc (they deliver internationally), I'm always getting asked where it's from, I neeeeeeeeeed another especially the opal drop! So cute!

In the bottle I don't think T&C looks like anything special but once it's on the nail it looks so good (IMO). I did do some nail art over the top but everyone seemed underwhelmed by it so I didn't bother taking pictures, I liked it, it was simple patterns but no one else felt the same so I just took it off. That's the problem I'm facing at the moment, people are expecting really complex/exciting nail art and when I don't do that they aren't bothered lol I'm taking about people who know me irl/facebook page. Ahh I hate to say it but it's a total firstworldproblem.......trivial.

I know I've been awful at posting since like october, ie since I started my second year, but I've also been slacking at reading and commenting on other blogs so I'm sorry, I'll try to catch up!
I suppose I should do some work now but I can't stop listening to Eminem, you can't work and listen to him, he deserves your full attention haha darn it I love him so much! Hehehe :) see you soon I hope!


Lizzy said...

Aw I would have liked to see your simple design nail art. ;) S'okay, though, this looks great as-is, too. Love turquoise and gold! Glad to see you back!! :D I missed you.

Galorious said...

i have been considering buying this, but i always get stuck as i have to choose between essie mint candy apple, wheres my chauffer and turquoise and caicos!

Abbienail said...

Hehe next time ;) aww thanks sweetie! Good to be back :)

Abbienail said...

Haha I know I was for a while but then when I saw it in the US I had to get it :P I'd love Where's my Chauffer though!

Unknown said...

5 days huh? I must be really bad though...I have manis that are weeks old before I post them lol! Well I think this color is great...I've been debating on whether to get it because I have CG For Audrey, Essie Mint Candy Apple, and Ciate Pepperminty...all of which I'm not sure how this compares to them!! I'm trying to find different mint shades though.

Unknown said...


Tamit24 said...

I adore Essie Turquoise in this combo it looks even more awsome- a perfect match!
Love your nails and photos!

Tamit24 said...

haha ^^ I see that lacquer-maniacs all over the world have similar problems with choosing polishes :P
I couldn't decide between Mint Candy Apple and Where's My Chauffer so... I landed up with two bottles :P

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