Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Gosh - Highschool Flirt with all gold errythang

Hey :) I'm in a good mood today, good feedback for my last project and these nails are really photogenic ha!!

I wanted to treat myself for doing good ;) so I wanted to pick up Chanel Frenzy and possibly another but whaddya know my local debenhams don't got no Frenzy :( so I'm going to order it online....although I prefer instant gratification ;). Anyway I was also going to try Essie Barefoot and Topless and Barry M Lychee to continue my search for the perfect nude but my boots don't got no B&T and they sold out of Lychee! So I went to Superdrug and again no Lychee but I picked up this Gosh polish which I thought was half price but no it was full price, only like £4.99 or something but still...
I liked the look of it and I really like the lids of the special editions :D there were a few there that I didn't recognise and they still had a couple of Holographic Hero left so if you're in Ipswich and want to pick one up go to Superdrug man! Okay I'm going on a few tangents today hahaha anyway when I got home I looked for swatches and found out that it's from their spring/summer collection that was only released a couple of days ago so this is a bit on the ball for me ;).

I finally remembered whilst I was in town to grab some cheap necklaces so I could use the chains as embellishments so I added them to the base of my nails in the style of My Nails are Dope (I follow her on instagram, awesome nail artist just search for mynailsaredope) and my nails indeed look dope ;)

I got two of the same picture just because I liked both of them and couldn't choose between them :)

I really like the colour, it's a near match! A lot better than Sand Tropez on me anyway, I love love love nude nails especially when they get embellished with gold. The chain was super easy to cut with scissors and I just stuck it down with the polish then topped off with Seche Vite and I imagine they'll stay put until I want to get rid :). I thought I'd show you one of the necklaces I got, it's from H&M and it came in a pack of three and cost a measley £6.99 and the chain will last ages as they're fairly long and you get three!
If anyone was wondering the shirt is from Primark! I couldn't believe it when I saw it on somewhere, probably instagram...I spend waaaaay too much time on there ;) I'm thinking of doing some nails inspired by it as it's so good!! C'mon Koi karps, funny looking birds, flowers and plant life I'm yours ;).

How'd you like the colour/embellishment??


Unknown said...

I LOVE the chains on your nails - it looks so awesome, I've never thought of doing that before! I never actually stop in Ipswich (well, no further than the train station/ice box anyway) but I'll have to see if my local superdrug has that polish because it looks SO pretty and I really need a nude polish!

M. Fourey said...

Awwww those are so cute and yet edgy! I love them! I have little experience with chain manis (done it once) but it was fairly easy and the result was suuuuper cool. Yours is too, and that placement is niiiiice :D

Unknown said...

Sooo dope yo! Pretty resourceful of you to use necklace chains as nail art embellishment lol. I saw chains designed specifically for nail art at the born pretty store!

Lizzy said...

That's a great idea! I got some gold chain in my previous Nail Art Society package and have been wondering what to do with it. Might have to steal your idea! ;) Awesome to see you in such a great mood, too! :D *hugs*

Tamit24 said...

what can I say?
I just love your nails, photos and ideas.
Your blog will be a great source of inspiration for my own designs.
I follow you.

Unknown said...

So creative!

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