Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Models Own - Luis Lemon swatches

Hi! Here are my swatches of Luis Lemon, anyone understand that name? I was being lazy so only did a quick patchy white coat and I paid the price once I started painting the neon over it, I had to do 5 coats to cover the bold patches!! However over the opaque white bits two coats was perfect so this is no reflection on the polish, simply my idleness. Ha.

Look at it shining in the background! It's so bright, perfect highlighter pen yellow, I recommend it :) it was even sweeter as I didn't have to pay real money, I cashed out my boots points...worth it! I nearly picked up Greenberry from Barry M but I resisted as I thought it was too similar to Essie's Turquoise and Caicos but I no longer think that so I might go pick it up ;). Nothing worse than buyers regret.

I'm planning on doing some summery nail art tonight, might do a tutorial as well if anyone likes them of course :).

Short post again but there's not much to say about a polish that speaks for itself ;). Seeyou soooooon! 


M. Fourey said...

Jesus, that might be the brightest neon yellow I've seen in ages, or in my entire life. It is amazing, amazing I say! Wow. And for free? Gimme two then! ;)

Galorious said...

your nails are so perfect! have you been watching the voice? Jessie J had lovely long neon green nails!

Lizzy said...

Aw dang... now I have to get these, too.... Thanks, Abbie. ;) lol

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