Saturday, 14 April 2012

Barry M Magnetic Dark Silver Review Part 1

Hi, like I mentioned the other day I found two Barry M magnetic polishes, I thought there were 8 colours however I've now learnt that is not the case, there are only 4 red, silver, blue and green/purple I can't remember which :P. Anywho today I have my only one on, Magnetic Dark Silver, catchy name right ;), I am currently wearing it as a normal polish ie no magnetised patterns yet. What you are about to see is one easy peasy coat!

I chose this one as it was out of my comfort zone but wow I think it's gorgeous! It went on so easily and was opaque in one coat, it took a while to dry but that is probably the fault of my basecoats, these were taken without a topcoat on. It'll be a shame to do the magnetic pattern tomorrow cos I really love this as it is, it feels edgy and sophistocated at the same time and totally sexy, mwahah. I can't tell whether they were right to call it dark silver or not, it's definitely got a pewter, lead vibe to it and it has silver shimmer, so yeah I guess silver is right just a grown up silver. 

I know Barry M are late to the magnetic party but I'm glad they came, in love! Ha
Part two tomorrow :)
What do you guys think to it as a colour? 


Lizzy said...

I love this color. Almost black, but not quite. Very lovely. Can't wait to hear how the magnet works. *fingers crossed*

Unknown said...

Absolutely stunning color! I love that it isn't flat black, but shimmer-y!

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