Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Zoya Neeka Swatches and Review

I had a plan, it was a good plan it was to wear Neeka today and then replace it with the stunning Order of the Garter by A-England (they arrived yesterday eeeek) however I have done something terrible....I cut my nails too short, I can't stand it. Whilst I'm typing this I can actually feel the keys on my fingers in a place that I have never felt before D: . The last time I had them this short was when I was 13 and did trampolining and Tae Kwon Do where my instructors had to bring nail clippers in and threaten to cut them to the bone unless I cut them to a reasonable length (hahahhah). But yes I went too far with the clippers so I don't want to put OotG on my horrible short nails :'(. 

Anyway about Neeka, it is a gorgeous nail varnish and it goes on so smoothly with one thick coat it is basically opaque, I did two anyway to bring out the loverly gold, pink and green (in my opinion) shimmery particles. It dried within minutes!! Every review I've read refered to that as an average drying time! I must be realllly patient because I'm used to having to wait at least 15 minutes for perfect non smudgy dryness but this was dry within minutes, amazing! 

I had trouble photographing it but eventually I got the actual colour on film as it were :)

Click to Enlarge
Like I said these are colour accurate yay :)

Just one to show you the green sparkles I was talking about :P

The more I look at my nails the more I realise that I do love this colour, I should because it's three of my favourite nail polish things in one: it's dark, purple and shimmery. At first I wasn't feeling it but that was because of how short my nails are but this polish is coming into its own despite the fact that it is a miserable day outside, and everyone knows how dark polishes make your nails look longer. So yeah she was worth the two week wait :) but I still hate my little finger on my right hand it is way shorter than the rest :(. 

If you like purple, dark and shimmery like me go get this polish! This is with a topcoat of models own 3 in 1 . 


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I LOVE Neeka!

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