Saturday, 3 March 2012

Leopard halves mani

I know I haven't posted for a few days for a couple of reasons the main being I didn't want to take my owls off :P and I've been super busy with uni, one day we were in from 9-5 with no break cos we  had a lecture and then straight into trying to recreate the lighting in other peoples it took forever! Also we have this awful fire alarm here in halls and last night someone broke it so it went on from 2.40AM - 3.40AM!!! I was so frikin' tired this morning, couldn't get up but we had to cos the bf's parents are here for the weekend with the dogs yaya :). 

Okay, now what we are all here for, I had to use one of my untrieds and it's a small selection now only 8, I decided to get one of the pinks out of the way in a design that I had painted some fake nails with and sent to my sister (because I am the best sis eva ;)). 

I started with the white base using the only white I own a Sally Hansen french manicure (for tips only) kind of white, there's no denying it, it was awful, I used three coats and it was still patchy but I knew I was going to be filling in bits and leoparding the rest it didn't matter. The pink is Cabana by Sinful Colors, which is a nice thick formula and was nearly opaque in one swoop but I did two as it wasn't fully :P. The gold splodges are 25 Carat Gold by Models Own and I freehanded the lines with my models own nail art pen. I got the idea for this design from Wah nails, I really like it, it's a twist on a classic leopard manicure :) here are the fake nails I painted for my darling sibling  ;) 
She loved them :P I hope you enjoyed them too! 

EDIT: I am entering this design in Rebecca likes Nails nail art contest yay :)


Lizzy said...

That's really cute! And so sweet of you to do that for your sister. I should give that a try for mine since she's all jealous of my designs, but can't wear polish at work. :/ Painted falsies would be perfect for her. Thanks for the idea! :D

Unknown said...

Such a cool idea! I wish I had someone sending me painted nails!

Abbienail said...

Haha, I did enjoy sending them, especially when I got a nice text back :)!

Abbienail said...

You are very welcome! :) it feels nice to do it, knowing that she'll appreciate it, take a picture before you send them though to show us!

Lizzy said...

Absolutely! :D

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