Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Nail art: Gradient and Union Jacks

This is a post about two pieces of nail art that I have done over the past three days. That's the good thing about coming home, I get to do my sister and my mum's (rarely!) nails :). For my sister I gave her a purple and pink gradient, of course it had to be pink :P it does look good though....and then leopard print over the top :) I really love this especially on her short nails so if you have shorter nails you should totally try this! 
Action shot ;) 

The pink is Rimmel Pro Urban Princess (?) and the purple is Rimmel Pro Ultra Violet, I'm glad she chose these two actually they merge real nice and go with her tan ;). I used the same method as last time for the gradient. 
My mum works at a primary school and today they are having Jubilee day as obviously the real Jubilee day is a bank holiday, so they're having a "street party" on the playground with a bbq and fun stuff. So she wanted me to give her Union Jack nails, so that's what I spent my night doing :P and here they are
mum's nails

Hehe :) the base colour of these is Order of the Garter from a-england, the white and red are just stripers. Mum's nails are a nice size for these, she has wider nails than me so the flags could be quite even :) she loved them, she keeps waving them at people in the street :| LOL! 

Hope you've enjoyed these nails that aren't mine :) I'll be back later with a Nails Inc sprinkleeeee! Woo 


Unknown said...

The union jacks are fantastic! By far the best I've seen, absolutely perfect lines and spacing :)

Abbienail said...

Wow thank you :)!

Unknown said...

I love the Union Jack nails!! I am so stealing this idea for a challenge I am doing! :)

M. Fourey said...

Damn lady you've worked hard on those Union Jacks! Both looks are really cute. They're really lucky to have you do their nails like that!

Abbienail said...

Thank you haha! I look forward to it :)

Abbienail said...

Hehe thank you :D yeah they are ;) :P

Lizzy said...

Amazing designs!! I love them both. I can't even pick a favorite, they're both so good. :D

Anonymous said...

wow nicely done!

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