Friday, 29 June 2012

Paul & Joe nail enamel 015 Venus Swatches

Boy do I lurve ebay! This is another ebay find of mine, now this wasn't a bargain as I ended up paying what you'd pay for retail however this had to be mine as it belongs to the same collection as my beloved 016 Mediterranean (swatches can be found here ). It took me all night when I was bidding on this to find out what it was called because the seller had it in the wrong box and therefore had it listed as the wrong number *sigh* but my polish detective skills worked out that it just HAD to be 015 Venus as it had a blue lid like Mediterranean and the other polishes don't have blue lids. LOL anyway I found out that these two both came from Paul & Joe's summer 2011 limited edition collection called L'Horizon Bleu hence the blue lids! Phew. 

Anyway I finally received it this week and I have literally just put it on and I am in love! Basically it is a light blue base with fine square silver glitter and fine square gold glitter with larger square glitter that changes from blue to green to purple. How perfect. 
Indirect sunlight 

Direct sunlight

I could have gotten away with one thick coat as it is a lot more opaque than you would think to look at it :). It was a perfect formula and so it glided onto my nail and the best part is how smooth it dried! And shiny, I only put a topcoat on to ensure that it lasts my trip to the seaside with my dad! This is a really unique polish in my eyes and better still is the fact that it's part of a limited edition collection. I have no idea why the person was selling this beauty, the same seller was selling Mediterranean as well! They must be mad :). 
Final thing is the fact that this smells floral once dry....I love Paul & Joe. 

Okay actual final thing, which size photo do you prefer? The smaller or larger? Because I realise that especially with this polish you can't really see what's going on in the smaller photo but it's up to you guys, if you prefer the larger I'll post all my pictures that size from now on :) 


Jamie-Leigh said...

The Polish is Lovely. I think it looks better using the larger images :) Great post

~ Jamie-Leigh

Nail Dazzler Nails said...

Love the shimmer on the polish:)

A Polish Addict said...

This is a very lovely pretty shade!

M. Fourey said...

Ohhhh gorgeous! And only two coats, which make it wvwn more unique! Did you reshape your nails lately? I've been MIA, but I see they're lot more oval! And they look GOOD! It really suits you!
BTW I had been lurking over an ebay buy and... skipped the time. OMG what a disappointment. *cry cry cry*

Abbienail said...

Hehe :) yeah I did them last night actually :P they've grown so much over the past week yay :). Oh no! That's the worst thing :(

Unknown said...

I like the larger photos, so I can see the picture and read at the same time!

Lizzy said...

Great detective skills. :) Such a lovely polish, too. Looks great on you. I like the larger pictures as well. Way more detail. Enjoy the trip with your dad!! :D

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