Sunday, 8 July 2012

Nail Fail! Mary Katrantzou inspired floral print

Yep you read that right, my first public nail fail, obviously I've had them in the past but I've just kept them to myself and swiftly removed them but I felt I should be brave and show you all. After all I did promise nail art today. 

This was meant to be my interpretation of Mary Katrantzou's spring 2012 floral print suits and dresses but it went wrong. This took me hours to do just the one hand and so I was really disappointed when it didn't look as good as I'd hoped. I created the flowers with a small dotting tool and the stems too. I first did all the flowers in white to ensure  all the colours showed up and then I did the green stems. Then I went over the white with the colours and then I did the darker colours over that. Finished with Seche Vite and decided that I really didn't like it. 

Can you see why I don't like it? They don't look like flowers and there's too much black, there should be more colour and the flowers should be more floral shaped and more green. 
So there you have it my first nail fail (on this blog at least) what do you think? 

Lastly here are my naked nails so beware!!
So I cheated a bit, but they are too stained to be seen without light coverage ;) the first picture is from earlier this year and the bottom is today! My nails look so creepy without polish on, they look on the wrong side of long! Especially my little finger nail. Would you believe I've never broke a nail in my whole life! Lol 

Hope you enjoyed. 


Lizzy said...

*blinks* You've never broken a nail?! That is seriously impressive. They look great!! :D Your nail art doesn't look that bad. It is frustrating when you work so hard and it doesn't turn out the way you want. :/ Even so, a valiant effort! I don't think I have the patience to even attempt something like that. lol

Veronica Gorgeois said...

Fail or not, it's a cool looking pattern. :)

M. Fourey said...

You never broke a nail? OMG that's amazing... it has been my major challenge with this nail polish addiction. I have it covered now, but damn did it cost!

Well, I couldn't care less what my nails look underneath the polish! I have zombie nails too... but eish, aint't it worth it?

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