Saturday, 7 July 2012

Nails Inc Chelsea Swatches

I'm officially back from my mini staycation in Felixstowe :) it was really nice to get away for those couple of days. I cannot believe that it's July! It's my birthday next month :O it's come so quickly, I've been blogging since the end of january so that's nearly 6 months already!! Double :O. LOL. 

Chelsea is an extremely dark red/brown/maroon(?) it's so dark that it looks black at two coats so it doesn't really matter what colour it is as all you see is black ha. It's lovely and glossy though but I did have to do a bit of clean up which I never normally do as this polish was a wee bit prone to flooding :(. It went on nice and smooth though. 

Natural light
No topcoat here, all the shine is from the polish. This seems like a nice change from all the summery pastels and neons that are around at the moment and it's also more appropriate for our weather......rain and thunder! Pooey or what. My nails feel quite slinky in this colour, like a silky dress for ma nails ;) and they are getting longer each time I look at them! I love being able to keep them this long :D. 
Trying to remove skinny jeans with wet nails is extremely difficult!! why must I paint my nails before I go to bed? When will I learn...

This is going to be the base for some very colourful nail art that I am going to do tomorrow so keep those eyes peeled! 
I think the next time I take my polish off I will take a picture of my naked nails :O to show you the difference in length and state of them compared to how I used to have them. That should be interesting ;) Hope it doesn't scare y'all!! 

Oh yeah one last thing, does anyone know how pintrest works? I noticed a couple of my pictures are on it, I don't mind at all as there is a link to my blog and it's exposure but I was just wondering how they get there with the link? Lol I'm 19 and I don't understand a website what's wrong with me ;)


Lizzy said...

I don't know exactly how Pinterest works, but you, like, "pin" things on a virtual board that you like. I thought there had to be a link for pinning, though? *shrugs* Maybe I should peak around on it... lol I love how long your nails are getting and the shape is so flattering. Can't wait to see 'em nude! Don't feel bad, sometimes I forget to take my bra off before I paint my nails. -_- I did see some "nail guards" on eBay, but I think that would only help so much.

The Sneakerette said...

this is gorgeous! i love colors so dark that they appear black. they're so mysterious, the way they can change colors under light! whens your bday btw? :D

Unknown said...

I have this color too, but only because it came with the Nails Inc flakie set. What possessed you to buy it? I like it, but it bothers me that it is so dark that it looks black (even though it's like a maroon color). People who see your pictures and have a "pin it" button on their web browser can pin your pictures to their boards in their accounts. It's a nice way to scrapbook certain designs or colors you want because it preserves the link as well :)

Abbienail said...

LOL! I didn't choose this colour either it came in my lucky dip last month, I was really disappointed with that group of colours :(. Ohhhh thanks! That makes sense like an amazon wishlist button :D

Abbienail said...

Well I'm glad someone likes it :P the only problem is it doesn't change colour haha. August 21st, I'm a young un ;)

Abbienail said...

Lol who knows :P I was flicking through last night and I couldn't stop :| lol. Thanks but you really won't be pleased lolol when will we learn to do the difficult things before we paint our nails :P

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