Monday, 8 October 2012

Nude embellished claws!

Hello my lovelies!
Thanks for sticking with me despite my flakey posting! I'm going to try to post on mondays and thursdays every week for definate and then if I change my nails before the posting dates then I'll do a post, it's pretty much what I used to do but with a bit more structure haha.

Anyways onto tonights nails, these came about as I wanted (and still do) to do baroque nails using a lot of embellishment over nail art but I don't have the correct colours with me at the moment so I did these instead. I wanted a nude base as I didn't want them to be too over the top ;). I started with Illamasqua Monogamous which you've all seen before on my blog, if not click here :). Then I added a topcoat, which I thought wasn't fast drying but apparenty it is.....and then I simply placed the gold leaf (imitation gold ;)) and pushed and pulled the leaf until it looked right. After that had dried I did another layer of topcoat then added the studs.
Then finished with a third layer of topcoat, phew.

I love the way the gold leaf looks! It's so easy and so cool, it looks really shiny and fun hehe. I like these nails too much, they are quite subtle but they still make an impression. What annoys me about having nice nails is the fact that muggles assume that I do no housework because my nails are always neat and long, they just have never discovered a good topcoat! It's a good topcoat that will make these embellishments stick around ;) they nearly got caught in my hair in the shower this morning though hahahaa.

All the little studs were from ebay for about a pound and the pearls and gold leaf were from a local craft shop for a couple of quid!

I'm not sure if you've noticed but I now have my instagram feed on the right hand side, so if any of you are on instagram my username is the same as my blog name: abbienail  :)


Nail it hot said...

Veeery beautiful.

Unknown said...

Woooow! I love this!! I need to invest in some gold leaf stuff. And about those muggles, I hate how snobby they are when they insinuate that I do no housework also...

Lizzy said...

That looks amazing! Very impressive. :D

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