Saturday, 1 June 2013

Leopard print points

Good evening!
I am coming to you from my new (well overdue) laptop/tablet hybrid weeeheeee, I love it so much, it's so fast, although anything would be faster than my old notebook hahaha. I love how you can switch between stuff and just touch the screen instead of the mouse lol I've got the HP Envy x2 which has a keyboard and the screen detaches as a tablet, it's bigger than the ipad but it's not heavy ;).
Anyway enough about my new toy, lets talk about what cha came here fo'.
I got this polish in a set for Christmas, so they don't have names...annoying Techinc annoying. After my disappointment with Chanel Frenzy :( boohoo I was left with a taste for the greyed out lilac or a lilac tinged grey so I turned to the unnameable polish.
It's nice but a bit blah on its own needed jazzing (ew) up so I went with the old trusted Wahnails pen and knocked out some leopard tips.

These two are my favourite nails, they turned out the best.

Here's the bottle in question.
Like I said these were just something that I did really quickly one day last week, just a bit of fun, simple but effective ;).

This week I ordered from Diy Nails, which for those of you who don't know of the company, they are a british online company that sells studs, bows and hand painted false nails so they are an independent shop, with affordable prices. They posted a picture of what they called Lucky Dips  which are made up of bits of nail art goodies that they have left over and now are sellingfor£2.50 a bag! I had to get one of course; too much of a good offer to turn down!
My bag arrived yesterday and here's what I got:
My favourites are definitely the roses, Louis Vuitton stickers and the 4 glittery bows, oh and the adorable kitty fimo :D. Worth £2.50 I think so! I can't wait to use those roses, gah I love them!! 
(The background is a cute notebook I got from Paperchase other weakness is notebooks! Paha)   

Hope you all have a good weekend, I'm up at the crack of dawn tomorrow for our carboot sale!


BethanyAustin said...

Wow! I know you're probably told this all the time but I've never seen nails as amazing as yours! I wish I had the patience and ability to create some of the beautiful designs I've seen looking through your blog!

Consider me your new follower!

Bethany Paige X

M said...

Abbie these are beyond stunning!

Mollie xo

Lizzy said...

What a great deal on that grab bag! :D can't wait to see what you do with all of that. Super jealous of your HP Envy!! Maybe I can manage to save up for one of those... looks better than the Acer Iconia I've been working towards... :(

Katie Simpson said...

Absolutely beautiful nails abbie :)

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