Monday, 13 February 2012

Good afternoon, I'm back (obviously) I had a great time in London, hope everyone had a good weekend too. I got 5 polishes from London and 6 before I went so I'm going to show you what they are, I'll do the 6 pre trip first...

L-R: Essie Limited addiction and Little Brown dress, A-England Order of the Garter and St. George, Accessorize Crystal Shimmer and Sapphire. 

Cannot wait to try out my A-Englands but the weather here is so bland, it would be a waste, these babies need sunshine and lots of it! These are my first Accessorize polishes I have high hopes that sapphire is going to be really nice it claims to be a one coater, but we'll see ;). 

When I went to London I hoped that the flagship store of Topshop would sell OPI so I looked everywhere but they didn't yet they sold Barry M which can be found in every Superdrug and Boots! Anyway we went to Harrods on the last day and they had a small selection of OPI and Essie yay, I was disappointed that the latest collection they had was Touring America so as I thought I wasn't going to find my beloved OPIs anywhere else I bought Russian Navy and Diva of Geneva (it looked pretty). They did have Essies Spring 2012 collection though so I got Navigate her :) the women who worked there were so snobby haha. After Harrods we went on to Europes largest Westfield which was where I discovered THE MOST AMAZING SHOP....why was it so amazing....because it had every single OPI nail varnish! Even the NOPIs!! If you're reading this in the US I'm sure this is no big deal for you but for us Brits who have no access to real life OPIs it was awesome! I was so excited I could have bought all of them but I was on a very tight budget so I got two, I have a Herring problem (!!!!) and Royal Rajah Ruby. 

L-R OPI Diva of Geneva, Russian Navy, Royal Rajah Ruby and I have a Herring Problem and Essie Navigate Her. 

I'm going to swatch Royal Rajah Ruby later and if it lives up to its reputation and bottle *fingers crossed* I might wear it for Valentines Day tomorrow instead of my planned nail art. 

Seeyou soon sweets!


Lizzy said...

I think I'm going to cry! Those A-England polishes always look SO lovely. I would *swear* I saw a sign for them at Ulta, but I can't find them on the website.... I've only ever heard good things about the brand. I must get at least one!

Abbienail said...

Haha! I know they are beyond gorgeous! You deffo need at least one especially because Shipping is FREE to the entire world at the moment!! Go get some :)

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