Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Maybelline Express Finish Khaki Green Swatches

Yesterday I went to TK Maxx (bad idea :P) and saw a set of 7 color clubs that were supposedly the Alter Ego Reveal your Mystery collection but when I got home and looked up swatches, I found that only three are from that collection and I have no idea what the other three are as they have no names on the bottles which I find weird. But anyway I bought this Maybelline polish the other day, I thought it was interesting. 
It was fairly sheer but easy to be built up, I used 4 thin coats with topcoat, 

 These two are with flash to show the shimmmmmer ;)
This is what it looks like normally, pretty :)
I really like this colour actually it's a nice pale green and the shimmer is pretty, it shows brushstrokes but it's not too bad, it's a quite refreshing colour like in the sense of it feels clean lol! It claims to dry in 40 seconds....not quite haha it was pretty quick though and it was really easy to apply so it was an enjoyable experience haha. 

Thanks to everyone who offered to get Candy Shop for me :) I've got it sorted now thanks to some lovely ladies :). 


Lizzy said...

That is a very lovely green. Can't wait to see the unnamed Color Clubs! Mysteries are so exciting. :D Congrats on Candy Shop. I'm sure your sister will love it.

Paulina said...

pretty green.

Unknown said...

Lovely frosty green!

GoingtotheShowing said...

This is so pretty! Btw, I just awarded you! (=

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