Thursday, 7 June 2012

Camera Update

Hi everyone, I've heard back from the repair guy, he thinks he can fix my camera for.....£96!!! Gah why did this have to happen! He didn't say how long it should take but I'm going to send it off tomorrow and ring him so hopefully I should have my baby back soon! 
However I do have a temporary camera in the form of my dad's friends camera, he was very kind and has let me borrow his camera for a bit, so tomorrow I will have pictures for you :). 

In other news, if I get my delivery tomorrow I will have two posts, a haul post and my mani ooooooooo how exciting! So keep 'em peeled ;D


GoingtotheShowing said...

Yay! Glad to hear!

Lizzy said...

Hope you get your camera back soon. Glad you got a loaner, though and I can't wait to see your haul! :D And your mani, but I'm a sucker for hauls. lol

The Sneakerette said...

aww what happened to your camera? i think i need to get one of my lens repaired, and my shutter button has been kinda off lately :(

Abbienail said...

I have no idea :( it was fine one minute then the next it wouldn't even focus and the shutter release didn't work, it made a clunking sound and I had err flashing :( one of my lens is a bit broke too haha. It's the worst when cameras break!

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