Friday, 27 April 2012

Spring Retro Nail art with the mysterious Color clubs

Lol! Good title right? :P
It's the only way I can describe what this mani is haha. So after yesterdays disaster nail day, I swiftly removed the Barry M and decided to do some fun nail art. I chose two of my newly acquired unknown Color clubs, a green and a pink (!!). Here are the 6 colours that I got in the "Alter Ego" set. 
L-R ?, Revealed, ?, ?, ?, ?

 The pink is okay for as it isn't straight pink, it has a purple undertone to it, if that is possible haha, I thought the green went perfectly with it, they looked pretty and spring appropriate. Here they are without the design. 

Pretty right? Both colours only took 2 coats each.  
Then I used the nail polish brushes to paint one stripe down the middle of each nail, they took forever to dry so I added SH ID to speed it up and then once they had dried I used my Wah nails art pen to draw the zig zag/ diamonds and that was it :)

The good thing about this design is that the zigzags don't have to be perfect, it adds to the fun when they are less perfect ;) I think it looks like a retro pattern off a pair of awful trousers from the 90s :P

Question: Why don't Color Clubs have names on the bottles??

Hope you enjoyed! 


PassionForPolish said...

Looks very retro/tribal!

Lizzy said...

My Color Clubs all have names on the bottles. :/ Little sticker on the bottom must have "fallen off" of yours? Uhm, if they have stickers try peeling it off and seeing if there is another sticker underneath. That's how I discovered the names on my Nabis.

Unknown said...

Very pretty colours, I love your design too, I've been searching for these color club sets in my tk maxx and can never find them ! I don't think the color clubs in sets have names but otherwise they do !

Unknown said...

Cool design! I like this!

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