Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Zoya Phoebe Swatches

Good afternoon :) Yesterday I put Zoya Phoebe on in order to cheer me up and to distract from the constant rain that most of England is suffering with, April showers and all that *sigh*. Anyway this is one of the polishes that Bethany sent me and I couldn't wait to wear it, it's so pretty! 
This is two coats over two coats of base coat (to try and smooth out my ridges ;)) It went on so smoothly and obviously dried super quick! I didn't find any problems with the application, it was perfect :). I really like it, it's so bright but not garish and it is a perfect summer colour, it also is working on making this weather feel less miserable especially when paired with my equally bright pink jumper :D
So summery! I think they match pretty well :P. I have decided to challenge myself to wear this polish for as long as I can, I guess it's kind of a wear test as obviously I can't put a topcoat on to protect it but the main reason for doing this is because I used to wear the same polish until it was completely chipped! But now I change like everyday two days, so I want to slow down, I'm not sure I can though so this will be a good test. I plan to put Nubar Polka Dots on top later in the week for a refresh, I'll keep you updated on wear and my will to go on ;)

Also I'm kind of fooling myself thinking that I might like the pink from this mini collection as the matte makes it okay but I know I would hate it...I just want to like pink nails!  LOL

Hope you all enjoyed! Seeyou soon 


hollysagemini said...

Nice colour, excited to see the update too :)

Paulina said...

Pretty color! Can't wait for the update.

Lizzy said...

Phoebe looks great on your long nails! And Lolly is definitely a bright pink. I love it, personally and I'm not that into pinks either. Hopefully it'll help change your mind a bit. ;)

Unknown said...

I have the green and pink in this collection and really like them. I really want to get the blue! :)

Abbienail said...

Ah thank you :). Hmmm maybe it will! I don't even know why I want to like pink lol :P.

Abbienail said...

Well I definitely recommend it :) I think I want the other two too, I really like how bright they are

Unknown said...

This looks beautiful on you! I'm glad you like it! Because it's matte, it will probably chip quickly :(

Abbienail said...

Thanks :) oh yeah I love it :), :( I'll rescue it if it comes to that :P

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