Saturday, 5 May 2012

Nail art tutorial: Pandas!

So for my first nail art tutorial I decided to do something that was easy and supa kute! ;) what is cuter than pandas right? 

For this all you need is a white polish, three different sized dotting tools and black polish like so:
One tip I have is:  I found it was better to have a deep blob of polish that you are dipping into as this means that you will have excess polish on the dotting tool which means you can move the polish around and create bigger circles or straighten edges.  Also make sure you put a base coat on first :). 

Here are the simple four steps to pandas: 

1. Using the brush that comes with the white polish, start half way up the nail and do one stroke down to the tip and then starting from the same place as before curve the brush round and down and both sides to create the curved top. Don't worry if you can't make it as curved the ears help cover it up anyway :). 

2. Taking the largest dotting tool (or suitable substitute) dip it into the black polish that you have put onto paper/empty lid etc, and put one dot on the side of the curve near the skin as you can see on my ring finger. Then you may need to place another large dot to make the ear as big and cute as possible. I liked to have straightened edges at the bases of the ears as I think they look cuter than just circles. Repeat on the other side. Using the ears as guides, place two big circles just under the ears. Then with a smaller dotting tool make a smaller dot joined next to the big eye dot, and join the circles with more polish. Repeat on other eye. 

3. Once the black has completely dried, dip your medium sized dotting tool into the white polish and carefully dot the white in the middle of the big black circle only. It's this ring arond the eyes that make them cute! 

4. To finish get the smallest dotting tool and dot on two tiny black dots for eyes and then dot inbetween the eyes at the tip of your nail for a little nose. Once completely dry then you can add a top coat over your whole nail. Et voila you now have 5 cute pandas!

Of course if you have a nail art pen, the ears are easier to do but the dotting method definitely works best for the eyes as it help creates the perfect circle for eye patches. 

Here's what my whole hand looks like

Here's me creating the curves on my other hand, it's easy once you get into it :)

I hope this was clear and helpful, let me know if you are going to try this out, I'd love to see other pandas! Eee so cute :) 


Natasja said...

They are so amazing and cute!

PassionForPolish said...

Adorable! Thank you for this, can't wait to try it :)

Lizzy said...

*SQUEELS!* That is too super cute. :D

Unknown said...

SO adorable! Awesome!!

Abbienail said...

Thank you!

Abbienail said...

You're welcome :) can't wait to see it!

Abbienail said...

Hehe :D thanks

Abbienail said...

Thanksss :)

Jess | The Indigo Hours said...

I love these, so cuuute!


Jessica said...

Super cute! Thanks for the tutorial =)

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