Thursday, 24 May 2012

Paul & Joe 016 Mediterranean Swatches

Hi, long time no see! I've been busy putting all my possessions away at home and then I spent the day putting old clothes and shoes and my camera on ebay, it took soooo long *phew* glad it's done now though. 
I know I talk quite a bit about the weather on this blog it's cos I'm British ;) but omg it was so hot! Tuesday was amazing, I sat on my dads backgarden with a mini cheesecake and my kindle after I'd finished doing my nails, it was bliss! Anyway the point of this is that I wanted glitter because of the sun! So I finally used my ebay bargain of Paul & Joe. 

I'd looked up swatches of this polish and found hardly any and those I did find looked different to how it looks on my nails so hopefully if anyone comes across this polish in real life my swatches will convince them to get it!! This polish came out last summer and I haven't seen it anywhere so I'm sorry for showing you a rare ish (?) polish but it's too gorgeous to not show you! 

My first macro shot ;) how creepy is my skin! LOL! 

How gorgeous?! This is three coats which is where I think it looks the best, the other swatches I've seen show one or two coats which I find strange. Here goes my best try at describing this polish, prepare yourselves ;) it's a bluey green jelly with large circular duochrome "sequins" (blue to purple) and fine duochrome glitter (green to blue) with the occasional copper fine glitter with a very fine blue to purple microshimmer thoughout the green base. AKA gorgeousness in a bottle! 
I found a comparison between this and Deborah Lippmman's Across the Universe but like I said they only used two coats so it did look very different but I'm not sure how similar they would be at three coats, I think ATU has different shaped glitter etc. 

I love this so much, it's so pretty and I'm glad I stumbled across it :) I know a lot of people in this world dislike ebay (evilbay) but I personally love it, I always find a bargain like this polish, RRP £10.50....I got it for £3! Oh yeah ;). 

Asos had a 20% off sale so I got one of the new Paul & Joe polishes from their Midsummer Night's Dream collection, I'm sorry but don't you just love this brand! I got Sprite which should be arriving this week yay :) 

Wow this was a long one, making up for lost time ;) 


M. Fourey said...

This is gorgeous! :) I didn't know this brand until I stopped by your blog, so thanks! I personally adore eBay, I am a PRO buyer. I get a lot of polishes there I wouldn't be able to find otherwise... What would I do?!

PassionForPolish said...

Wow this is absolutely stunning!

Abbienail said...

You're welcome :) Haha yeah I'm on your team I <3 ebay hehe it's so good if you know what you are looking for :P

Abbienail said...

I know right! Amazing :D

Lizzy said...

So pretty. I don't think I've seen anything quite like it. :) The bottle is really cute, too!

Anonymous said...

wow this is an amazing polish!

GoingtotheShowing said...

So pretty!

Unknown said...

Man, this is fabulous! I want it!

Emma said...

I've always been tempted by this brand as I LOVE the packaging but wasn't sure I'd like the products, might need to try now!! x

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