Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Red comparison post

Hey, today I decided to something I've never done; a comparison post (obviously....) I chose reds as in the bottle they can look quite similar and to try and help people who are on their search for their perfect red! 

I only have a few reds in my collection so I chose a variety dark to light 
All five in natural light, I thought it'd be nice for you to see how they look against my skin tone 

Funnily enough I didn't realise I had achieved a perfect ombre mani ;) 

Kiko Dark Crimson, Barry M Raspberry, Essie Limited Addiction, Orly Ma Cherie and Barry M Bright Red.  
The first two (Kiko and Barry M) are cremes whilst the other three are more sheer and jelly ish.
All 5 only took 2 coats to opacity and all were lovely to apply, my first Orly was a dream, my bf liked that one the best he said it was the most sluttiest....LOL but by that he means it's a classic red that is unfortunately associated with naughty ladies ;) but that means it's sexy! Waaa ha :). Anywaaaay, I did like all of them and I always find it interesting how polishes change colour when next to other colours, I always thought that Limited Addiction was a bright red until I put Orly next to it. 
I tried to mix polishes that are easy to acquire in both continents, I think that Bright Red and Ma Cherie are pretty close, I prefer the Orly though. 
I hope you found this helpful and if not then I'm sorry ;)
Which is your favourite? A classic red or a deeper classy red? 


Unknown said...

i love the ombre look! you've definitely mastered it here!

Lizzy said...

Oh my goodness your hands are like porcelain! So beautiful. I like the dark crimson. Definitely going to have to search out something like that.

Unknown said...

I love this! You did achieve the perfect ombre! I love that color on your pinky. Looks very sexy with your pale skin. Like a vampire!

GoingtotheShowing said...

Def perfect ombre! All these looks gorgeous on your nails!

Abbienail said...

:) thanks!

Abbienail said...

Awwh thanks Lizzy, you're making me blush! Glad it helped :)

Abbienail said...

Hehe vampire girl...I do hate the sun ;) thanks lovely

Abbienail said...

:) thank you, too kind!

arfblat said...

Wow, beautiful gradient! They all look great on you! But my favorites are the bright ones, they're so vivid!

PassionForPolish said...

This looks amazing! Fantastic ombre nails!

Abbienail said...

Awh thank you :) yeah they are lovely especially for summer!

Abbienail said...

Thank you very much :)

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