Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Going Bananas with Kiko!

Hey, I removed my paisley yesterday as I had a bit of growth at the base and that was it, no tipwear and no chips! Awesome lol. My bf has been asking me to do banana nails for a few weeks now so I obliged last night.I should know by now that painting nails at night is not a good idea, it always goes wrong! And it certainly did :( painting was fine, here's Kiko Canary Yellow, 2 coats.
 It's rather bright, not a neon but certainly bright! I liked it so then the bad stuff happened....I originally did bananas from the base of my nail but then I tried with some on the tip and prefered it that way so cos it was late and I was feeling lazy I just removed the black and then did a quick coat of yellow over the half removed bananas, so basically my nails felt lumpy and you could see some black still under the yellow :( well here are the finished nanaaarrrs ;) 

Not that bad I guess but not what I hoped for either, bananas are weirdly difficult to draw lol. 

Ooh I got a bargain today, everytime I go into Debenhams (which is a lot) I always pick up the same things and put them down again, and one of those was Dosh from Butter London, I was drawn to the green despite my bad previous experience with the brand but I could never justify the £12 price. Today I went in and Dosh was half price! It was the only one that had money off!! Can you believe it? :D what luck hehe

I hope you enjoyed my bananas :)


GoingtotheShowing said...

This is so cute!!!

A Polish Addict said...

Your mani just put a smile on me :) That is cute!!

Lizzy said...

Maybe difficult, but they came out amazing! They look just like bananas! You're so talented. :D Great yellow, too. Hope you have better luck with Dosh!

Abbienail said...

Thank you :)

Abbienail said...

Hehe glad to hear that :) thank you!

Abbienail said...

Aww thank again Lizzy! Mm yeah me too, it was fate that I got it so hopefully it'll be amazeeee!

PassionForPolish said...

Gorgeous yellow :)

Kelly's Nail Blog said...

Love this mani. Great color and awesome, unique nail art idea...kudos to your bf for the great idea.

And sales are a great reason to make a purchase or two (or 10), but those kinds of sales rock! Half off a polish you have been craving...you have to buy it then..LOL : )

KarenD said...

The bananas are such a fun idea!

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