Monday, 18 June 2012

Gosh 606 Early Green swatches & a surprise!

Hey everyone (new followers yay!) 
Today I bought a polish that I've been needing for ages; lime green :D hehee so I got it from Gosh in superdrugfor £4.99 which is totally stingy seen as you only get 8ml! Anyway it is just the colour I was looking for, it's nice and bright but not neon but still in your face ;). From the bottle it looks quite subdued but don't be fooled. 
I finally did it. I finally had enough length to reshape my squovals into ovals! Eventually I want them to be skinnier almost pointed but not like scary stilettos but that won't happen until they grow some more (which should be in a couple of days ;)) I was scared to do it but I was really bored of my nails plus this way I can have them longer than I used to without them looking creepy long. LOL. I really like them now, at first I thought I'd made a mistake but not anymore, they look more elegant too :). 
Having them this shape also means I could do this design that I've wanted to do for ages but it wouldn't suit squovals and I didn't have a lime green :P. 

These are all taken in natural lighting.....obviously :P as it was nice outside for about 5 minutes ha. I freehanded the pink tips using the pink nails supreme pen, then I added the white with Barry M Matte White and did the leopard splodges. When I put seche vite on it somehow dragged the pink back onto the bottom of my nails? I saw this design in a wah nails advert and I knew I would have to recreate it one day! I love it, so fun and summery. 

What do you think to my new nail shape? 


M. Fourey said...

This nail shape is very elegant, and I agree with you: it suits better to longer nails than squoval or square nails :) I really love how they look now, and can't wait to see the new look you wish to give them in about two days :)

Lizzy said...

I agree, oval is so elegant! I kept mine that way when they were longer, but now that I keep 'em a bit shorter I've gone squoval. lol That green is amazingly beautiful and I love your tips!! Total reverse watermelon. ;) lol

Shoba Anneka said...

wow your nails look great! ive doen the oval shape with false nails, but thats because i can never grow my own long enough! hehe

The Sneakerette said...

that shape looks beautiful on your long nails! i wanted to go oval too, but i recently broke a nail on my right hand and i don't think it'll look the same :( i love that shade of green btw!

Unknown said...

That green is awesome and I love your freehand on the tips! Looks great! :)

PassionForPolish said...

Very pretty shade!

Unknown said...

The color is very refreshing to the eyes. :)

New follower here. :)

Toyarosie said...

Funky color!! :P I think the trend now is to go for a more rounded edge - and apparently the most flattering is to mimic the shape of your cuticle, which I think you've achieved here, and it does look quite elegant, you're right :)

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