Thursday, 21 June 2012

News news newssss

Sorry for being MIA for a couple of days I've been busy doing this 

Aka painting false nails to sell on etsy! Pow! It took a while to get into the rhythm of painting then designing but I got into the swing of it eventually. It was quite stressful as one of my pens kept blobbing etc etc but I got there in the end. Wooo I'm really pleased with them all now, I think the bananas are my favourites and the pink and white paisley are so cute! It doesn't look like these would take a long time but they did :P. 
I haven't put them up yet as I'm doing some more today and my mum wanted to take them into work to show everyone, she says they won't believe that I've done them :P. 

This has stopped me doing my own nails as there's no point, look what these two days have done to my nails! 
My other hand is worse I've got black all over my nails and yellow haha so yeah it's a messy business, when I do it at least ;).

Hopefully I will post tomorrow with a swatch/nail art as MY CAMERA IS COMING BACK!!!! I'm so happy :D it was fixed yesterday so they are sending it out today from Kent so it shall be here on friday yayayayayay! I've missed it so much lol. 
I bought Dior Gold Nugget from ebay for £3! But it didn't even have the silver lid or the box :( and I won a mysterious Paul and Joe polish that I think is Venus from 2011 L'horizon Bleu collection but I'm not sure, either way it's blue and sparkly so it's all good :D. 

Also I have a Facebook page that is lonely that needs some love! I'd love it if you could like it, it's not linked to my blog but it's about my nail art etc it's here lol. I have instagram too, I've had that for ages though, it has my fashiony photography on at the start and nail stuff now that you can check out if you want, my username is abbbzidey if you have instagram let me know in the comments!

Final thing: How much do you think I should sell the nails for? How much would you be willing to pay? 

Have a good day everyone! 


M. Fourey said...

Wow Abbie :) Thos falsies look amazing! the white and the purple paisley look stunning! I hope you sell them really fast :) What's their price, btw?

Abbienail said...

Thank you :) I'm not sure, I need to ask actually, thanks for reminding me :D

Lizzy said...

I liked your facebook. ;) Great job painting! I have no idea what would be a good price, though! O_o Only thing I can say for sure is more than whatever the blank falsies cost. I know, so helpful. Sorry! Good luck.

Toyarosie said... are amazing!! I can't believe you did all this, wow! I hope you sell them all, what a job that must have been. Just amazing!! :)

Caitt said...

Pretty designs!

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