Monday, 4 June 2012

:( my camera is broke

Hi, so I tried to take my usual nail pictures to discover that my camera would not take a photo and was flashing err so I've tried cleaning the contacts, taking the lens off, battery out to no avail. So unfortunately unless it magically repairs itself overnight I'll have to take it to a repair man which means I'll be camera less!!!! My sister has a camera but it's nowhere near as good as my Nikon :(. I'll let you know but for now I can't post photos :(


Lawless Lacquer said...

What a bummer!! So sorry to hear about your camera :( hopefully you can get it fixed!

GoingtotheShowing said...

Oh no. )= Sorry to hear about that. Some pictures are better than no pictures?

M. Fourey said...

I'm so sorry, Abbie! I agree with GointotheShowing: I'm on even for crappy pics (smile) so don't get discouraged!

Lizzy said...

Oh noes!! I'll settle for crappy pics, too. I hope your camera isn't too expensive to repair.

Abbienail said...

Thanks everyone, I'm trying at this moment to fix it, I really don't want to send it off, it'll cost a bomb I imagine :( I miss taking nail pictures :P If I can't then I'll try and borrow someone's camera!

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