Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Floral print on the worst franken EVER

I just need to mention the removal of Zuza was baaad, I didn't use a basecoat for some unknown reason and so after I took it off I had zombie nails, not fun. Anyway for the design I had in mind I wanted a different nude than I had i my stash so I decided to mix my own. Bear in mind I only actually own two nudes both of which I've shown on here so I mixed both of those together with lots of white and I ended up with basically a slightly lighter version of Essie Sand Tropez with a touch of pink. For some reason I added some clear ? and oh man it became the worst thing to apply, I know how Frankenstein must have felt when he created his monster. I'm not sure if it was the extreme heat that made the formula so crap or just the clear but ugh it was like painting with glue! Hence the bad photo
 It bubbled and lumped and was stringy and gloopy but I kind of like the colour but only for this design :P. The design is my interpretation of this tee shirt I have, I got it donkeys years ago from Topshop but I still love it. I thought it would make for pretty cool nails and I think I was right ;)

 The little finger nail went wrong but I couldn't be bothered to re do it especially with that awful formula haha. By the middle finger I was really into the swing of the design. So that's why the better fingers are from the middle onwards, it always happens that way! I used my nail supreme pens in red, blue and pink, the black was done with my wah pen and the green is Barry M Spring Green applied with a dotting tool. 

This design looks a lot better in real life, it's not quite translating onto pictures as well as I'd like, it looks okay in this one though ;) it's so hard to take photographs of your right hand using a camera that's made to be used with your right hand :P. The good thing about this design like so many that I do, it doesn't matter if you mess up a bit like I did as it's easy to cover and making the flowers was easy as it's block colour so you can expand the shape. I think I captured the spirit of the design ;) well without showing my bf the tee shirt that it was based of he said 'that looks like your tee shirt!' Not bad for a boy eh? ;) I wish I had a bit more order to the black lines but I guess that would defeat the point of the design, hahaha. 
You might have noticed that my right thumb has a chunk of polish missing and that is because when I was cutting some cheese I slipped with the knife and sliced into my nail! I'm so lucky that my nails are really thick and that the knife only took the top few layers of my nail of otherwise it would have gone right through my thumb! I don't have much luck when it comes to sharp knives and cheese lol I sliced my finger open when trying to open a packet of cheese on my first day at uni, it was horrible lol sorry for that gory story :P. 


Lizzy said...

OMG I'm glad your thumb is okay!! O_o So lucky. I absolutely love this design. :D So pretty. Sorry your Franken was so awful to apply, though. :/ At least you got the color to match the shirt!

Anonymous said...

this is so well done!

Unknown said...

The design is so pretty!

Laura said...

This is gorgeous, I absolutely love the design you came up with and all the colours you used.

Kas said...

Yet another gorgeous mani! And at least your franken worked for this design. Now all you have to do is do it over, and over again till you use it up :P

Unknown said...

Did you try adding nail polish thinner? What a disaster! But your design hides the nastiness and the color is really gorgeous. Well done!

Katie Simpson said...

Beautiful design and I have to say I am in love with your nails! I know that's a really weird thing to say but your nail shape and length is gorgeous!

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