Saturday, 29 September 2012

African print inspired nail art

I know that I am the worst blogger at the moment, and I'm going to blame that on my boyfriend, we only have one broadband cable in the flat and he's on it all day playing online games :( also my iphone is refusing to charge up so it's kind of dead :(.
But I'm here now! I might do a few swatches today so I have stuff to post whilst I'm wearing nail art. Which is what I have to show you today, I should have posted the other day but I wasn't happy with the photos I took, I'm still not but hey ho.

I was inspired by african prints on clothing and fabric as they are such gorgeous patterns and make perfect nail art. I started with a base of Sinful Colors Unicorn which is a soft yellow which took FOREVER to dry and made my nail art life hell :P. Then with a black striper I made crossing lines then I made semi circles with two kikos using a small nail art brush. once it had all dried I did the black detailing with a nail art pen.

 Right hand - index and ring are my favourites
Left hand- I'm not sure about any of these
Woah look at that thumb nail! Lethal lol. I like the original pattern waaaay better than my interpretation of it, I did the crossing lines too close so the semi circles were too close and look like snakes or something instead of the fan like shapes that they are meant to look like. I guess they're okay no one else knows what they're meant to look like :P. I wanted to try making a different shape other than square with the brush, it went okay I think. Everyone at uni liked them so I guess that's good but I just can't like them, saying that I've had them since tuesday maybe! Wow that's a long time :O.
I don't know what to change them to........any ideas? Something cool obvs ;)


Lizzy said...

I think it looks amazing! So detailed. Have you come up with anything for Halloween yet? I bet you could do a whole haunted house on those long nails! :D

Nail Girl said...

Omg loooooove it! Great detail, looks amazing :) Spiderweb nails could be cool for halloween? Or maybe little bones all over?

Kas said...

Lovely! And even if they look like snakes it still fits with the Africa theme :) But I get not liking nails you did but everyone else does.

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