Sunday, 23 September 2012

Heart tip nail art

From today I am posting from the flat at uni so my posting will either be more sporadic or more regemented LOL it depends whether the work level is higher and harder or if I get into a good routine of work then nail painting so we'll just see I guess ;).

This mani is something I've been wanting to do ever since I grew my nails out but I never had the right nude until I found Barry M Nude. Nude is a sheer....nude colour :P I thought it'd be horribly sheer but actually it was really buildable and two coats makes a good coloured wash. I used three for this mani as I wanted the extra depth of colour but you can still see my nail underneath. My mum has been wearing Nude on her short nails and it looked so nice and clean so if you can I'd definitely pick this one up.
After it had dried I got my mini orly in red and simply painted two lines and then smoothed the arches out and that was it!

Action shot ? ;) I thought it'd be nice for you to see the nails in real life instead of just posing with a bottle :P. This is so easy to do and looks so cute, it has a lana del ray feel to me, she has some great nails :).
These look a lot better in person than in the pictures, trust me!
Good news about the pixel nails, Tipsy Zine has recieved them, I saw a picture of all the nails on their instagram, I cannot wait for it to be published!!

See you all soon!


Lizzy said...

This looks amazing! Totally fab on your long nails. *loves* Congrats on getting published soon!! :D

M. Fourey said...

Oh oh oh YES! It's totally Lan del Rey like! Love 'em! Your nails are soooo long now! I am glad you're still rocking this shape :) It was a great idea to change!

Toyarosie said...

I LOVE this!! Again, with the action shot, it really gives us an idea of how great it looks. Good work Abbie!

Margesja said...

that is so cute! never seen this before awesome xx

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