Friday, 7 June 2013

Illamasqua Raindrops swatches

Hey, so finally I have managed to wear and love the legend that is Raindrops! You know how it is, you buy something due to the hype and then you are scared to actually wear it in case it disappoints you (case in point for me was Chanel Frenzy...but that's a long time ago now) however I am thankful to say that Raindrops did not let me down :).

I did three coats and it was opaque which surprised me as I was expecting it to be more sheer, I'm glad it wasn't, vnl on my claws ain't attractive, so yeah three quick and easy coats (I<3 you illamasqua).

So lovely right? Delicate and pretty and sparkly in the sun, but not like a crazy glitter, I'm going to say work appropriate ;). It was a joy to wear and a joy to remove hahhahahaha.
Just a short and sweet post today, I've got something more exciting lined up for the next couple of posts! Nail art that I luuuuurve and some beautiful new polishes :D so ciao for now, you'll be hearing from me sooooon :) have a great weekend! I'll be at the seaside before I start my work placement on Monday, exciting and scary lol!


Lizzy said...

Gorgeous! Can't wait to see what crazy nail are you have. ;) Good luck with your work placement!

Kelly's Nail Blog said...

Gorgeous color!

Katie Simpson said...

I've been lusting over raindrops for the longest time. It looks beautiful on you :)

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