Monday, 30 January 2012

Nail art inspiration comes from everywhere!

I'm sure my attention span is getting shorter ever since I started blogging, that explains why I post like a million things everyday ha! Anyway I became bored with my nude leopard and french tips mani but I hadn't (and still haven't going out to dinner tonight though ;) ) been anywhere to show it off so I compromised and just changed my thumb instead. I used a design that I thought up yesterday, it's inspired by a tee shirt that is inspired by a scarf....

I used Blueberry Ice Cream by Barry M as the base, it's such a sweet colour, pale but warm (??) blue, it needed two coats but I only used one as you can only see a tiny bit at the top. Other colours used were all Barry M but I've lost the names, the green might be Spring green but I'm not sure, as usual I freehanded everything and used my trusty MO/Wah pens. It's a bit messy...but you get the idea :).

I want to show you how the matte topcoat is doing after 2 days, quite well, my nails are starting to get their shine back though or at least I think they are, I think I'm just looking for an excuse to change my nails :P. 

I went to Debenhams today and finally got Forget Me Not by Dior! Yay, I've been wanting it since looking at other blogs reviewing it, and it's finally mine. I might have to attempt to review it just for the packaging! Beautiful although I got fingerprints all over mine :(. So that will be my next post :). 

I want to make this blog more friendly and interactive so please let me know if you like any of my designs and this blog in general :)


Lizzy said...

I love it! Your designs are really cute and well executed and you have a nice, friendly tone to your writing. I like the blog design, too. The colors don't hurt my eyes.

Abbienail said...

Thank you so much :) :) you're making me very happy! I'm glad they don't hurt your eyes, I have experienced that and it's not pleasant but I carry on reading anyway :P

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