Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Dior Forget me not Swatches and Review

Like I said yesterday I have Dior at last :). The packaging is so cool, I couldn't capture the rainbow on my camera but it's there, it feels so good hehe, I do enjoy packaging and bottles as much as the nail varnish itself so, so far so good ;). 

I got the rainbow from the lid though, lovely, could look at it all day, that's a bit sad I know but hey ho. 

So the actual polish itself is glorious, the brush is flat and rounded so it goes on super smooth and easy and it's just a tad darker than what's in the bottle of course but it's still a gorgeous dusty, elegant purple. It has tiny silver shimmery bit that you can only see if you look very carefully, which elevates this polish even more, it gives it more depth. I think this colour is one that transcends seasons, great in winter or summer, I bet the sun would catch the tiny shimmer :).Opaque in two coats, average drying time then topped off with a topcoat apart from my thumbs cos I smudged them >:(. 

The scent of roses is a bit headache inducing for me, probably because I kept sniffing them whilst the polish was still wet (duh!) but it's nicer after it has faded a touch and when I put the topcoat on it dulled it a bit so it was a far pleasanter smell for my sensitive nose. I'm on the second day of wearing it and the scent is more like a faint trace on my thumbs as I didn't put the topcoat on them but on the rest of my nails the smell has all but gone. 

I had to put this picture on as my boyfriend pointed out it's nearly the same colour as my amethyst ring, how sweet! :). I don't like the way my hand looks in this picture, maybe I can't be a hand model after all ;). 

I recommend this polish especially if you collect packaging like me hah! I really want to get Waterlily now, but my budget won't stretch for another £18 nail varnish, so I'll just have to wait :(

What do you think of this review and polish? Worth the price tag? 


Lizzy said...

Hrm. I cringe whenever I see a polish price reaching $10 and over. I, personally, could not spend that much. However, IF I was going to I would definitely get this one! It does sounds worth it. Hurray Dior for not making a crummy scented polish (like everyone else seems to).

Abbienail said...

Yeah, I used to think that but then the addiction took over....if you like purple, you need this ;) I can't wait for Les Violets Hypnotiques to be released by Dior sometime this month I hope :) 3 purple polishes!

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