Saturday, 25 February 2012

Daisy Daisy give me your answer do

Hello again :)
I originally saw this design on Oooh Shinies' blog here and it is sooo cute! How could I not have a go myself, especially now I have dotting tools woo (best purchase ever!) here is my version :)

I used OPI Stranger Tides as the base and I dotted a white from a Sally H manicure set, I didn't know whether to leave it like that or not, I thought they looked like little flower beads that I used to buy as a kid to make bracelets from :P but I decided to make them into daises in the same way that Oooh Shinies did so here is the final mani

Man I love this so much :) The yellow I used was Revlon Sunshine Sparkle, these pictures are with a topcoat as well. 
I'm so glad I found this design, it was really easy to do and looks so cute! It reminds me of a daisy chain (again making them when I was a kid :P) it is so perfect for spring especially over my new favourite green :). Even my bf said he thought my nails looked pretty, which he has never said! It's a nice change as the designs I normally do aren't delicate and feminine like this one. 
You should really check out the original and her blog if you haven't already :). 

I hope you like it and that it brightens your day like it has mine! If you have dotting tools you have to try this :) 
See how many smiles I'm using heheh I'm just happy today. 


Unknown said...

OMG!!! I love this! I never thought to put the flowers at the top like a french tip! I am totally stealing this idea!!! :)

Abbienail said...

Haha I know me either but it is such a good idea! I can't wait to see your version, I'll look out for it :)

Lizzy said...

That looks really great with Stanger Tides. Nice combo. :)

Kas said...

Those look great together. I think I need Stranger Tides :P

fingers said...

So pretty! Just found your blog! FYI you may want to disable the word verification-more people will comment without it!!

Abbienail said...

Thanks! Ohh I didn't realise it was on, I don't like it so I wouldn't have had it on all this time if I had known! Thanks for letting me know :)

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