Thursday, 2 August 2012

Simple gradient with studs

Firstly, I am so sorry that I've been away for so long! I didn't mean to be, it's because I couldn't get any decent photographs of these nails! I did them on monday, tried to take photos but failed epically then tuesday to wednesday I was down in Brighton visiting my best friend and then today I've been doing errands and seeing the boyf so I managed to squeeze in a photo session but I'm still not happy with the photos but they'll have to do.  
Yesterday night I was in bed watching the olympics and filing my nails down as they had gotten too long, I kept having visions of them catching on something and being pulled off :| plus they were out of shape ;). It took about an hour and a half to file them all! I drew where I wanted to file them to on my actual nails lol it worked though ha. 

So onto the elusive mani, it's just a really simple gradient with added studs but it just doesn't photograph as well as it looks in real life. I've had this on, like I said, for four days now so excuse if it's a bit tatty! 
I was going to put another picture on but it just looks awful! In real life it looks cool but not so much on the screen. Boo :(. I was really lazy when I did this gradient as I just did it onto a plain nail (base coat was on obviously) I really was not in the mood, I was really lacking inspo or desire to do my nails if I'm honest. I just need some new colours in my life ;). 

I'm going to Cornwall for a week on saturday but I intend to have some scheduled posts (hopefully) or something in place lol! I'm a bad blogger :P. 

My first paid photog gig went really well so thanks for all the nice messages :) luckily she got ready in her conservatory so lots of natural lighting for natural photographs, she was really happy so that made me happy, hehehe. 

Bit of a let down mani after such a long wait? 


Katie Simpson said...

Gorgeous :) I love the colours. This is a really lovely gradient.

I'm glad your photo shoot went well :)

The Sneakerette said...

i think this mani looks awesome, and you definitely made a comeback! :D

NailsByDiana said...

it's a beautiful gradient!

M. Fourey said...

Naaah they must be astonishing IRL because they do look awesome in this picture! The studs add the little something, it's very very pretty! I wouldn't have thought of drawing the line before filine the nails down, but it's a great idea! Squoval nails were easier to file, right? But those really look good on you; I thought you had fairy hands when I saw the picture in this post... :)

Iris said...

You make beautiful nail arts!
i'm you're new follower
WOuld you visit my blog? and maby follow me back?

xx Iris

Jennifer [littlejsnailcorner] said...

You have such gorgeous nails!

Charlotte said...

I like the gradient effect, you've got it really smooth.

I've been following your blog and I've just tagged you for a Liebster Award, details on my blog page :)

Unknown said...

These look really awesome, I don't know what you're talking about!

Candy - Mademoiselle Candice vernis ses ongles! said...

Hello! I just awarded you the Liebster Award for your cute nails! You can check it out here: :)

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