Sunday, 5 August 2012

Mini China Glaze Haul

Hey everyone! This is the first of three scheduled posts this week whilst I'm away hopefully sunning myself in the beautiful cornwall :). 

The other day I finally got to go Sally's Salon Services ;) it was mainly full of hair products buuuut they had a decent selection of China Glaze and OPI which made me very happy as it's the only place round my end where they are available in shops and at a good price. My sister was after a pink neon which is why we went there as I know that no one does neons like CG ;). I got her the last one and myself an orange and a ridge filling base coat. Then when I got to the till I noticed that they had two shades reduced and you know what one was...Westside warrior!! Wooohoo you don't even know how long I've wanted that one! Even better it was reduced from £6.59 to £2.15!! Bargain :D

Orange Knockout, Ridge Filler Base Coat, Westside Warrior and High Voltage Pink which is also a neon but it's dimmed by Orange Knockout! 

Already I can tell that this is going to be impossible to photograph haha. 

Okay just one last thing, my blogger is also impossible to work with, when I'm writing a post I keep getting a message popping up that says 'you have been logged out from another location, do you want to log in again?'  it is the most frustrating thing ever! Also whenever I open up blogger I have to sign in everytime even though the keep me signed in box is ticked. :( booooo. And I can't delete any posts gahhhhh. 

Anyway look out for my next post as it'll be quite a surprise ;) 


Anonymous said...

Those neons look fabulous, but your camera like all cameras might go crazy like you said! I know mine would. ;)

The Sneakerette said...

nice pick ups!! haha you're right, high voltage pink almost seems like a safe color next to orange knockout!

M. Fourey said...

Wow great buy! Those bargains really light one's day sometimes! :) You should contact Blogger, they may help you out because it seems your session is really buggin'! It doesn't prevent you from posting, which is great news though! Enjoy your holidays!

hermetic said...

Great haul! I love that orange shade for summer

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