Friday, 12 October 2012

Blue galaxies nail art

Hey, I've been good this week (in terms of posting) haven't I? Here I am again as promised haha so I've caved and created a galaxy manicure, how could I not, they're so cooool looking. I didn't want to use a sponging method though as I wanted a more wispy, swirly look rather than a patchy effect. And I only wanted blue rather than lots of colours, I know I'm quite picky ;). I'll explain how I acheived this look after the many photos!

 Right hand

 My index is my favourite! It looks so coooooooool, if I say so myself ;)
After my black/dark maroon had dried I added the darker blue which is nails inc Baker Street using a small brush then whilst it was still wet I used some topcoat on the small brush to smudge the blue to give it that wispy effect. I just repeated that with the light blue, Barry M Blueberry Icecream and with the white. Then I dotted big white circles and smaller ones, I added some purple which you can't see as it's purple :P.
I'm happy with them, they look pretty cool and I've gotten many compliments on them today which is always nice.
I bought some new wah pens which means I am SOOOOO doing houndstooth as my next mani :D I can't wait wooooo

If anyone wishes I will happily do a tutorial on the smudgey method :)


Lizzy said...

So awesome!! Definitely do a tutorial. :) Pretty please? lol

M. Fourey said...

Wow! Yes, you should do a tutorial, I am 100% with Lizzy on that! :D Because the swirly effect, as you call it, looks way better! In al close-up, that is, but anyhow. It's all in the details!

OH, and yay for houndstooth! :D

Unknown said...

Tutorial please because I didn't understand that and these look way too cool to not know how to do them! Lol

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