Monday, 15 October 2012

Blue swirly galaxy nail art tutorial

Hello :)
Here is the tutorial that a few of you said you'd like to see, I have made a video as it was quite hard to try to explain with just photos so it'll go photo, explaination, photo etc then a video then photos again. Quite weird but it might work ;) I didn't even realise my camera even had video capabilities! Hahah.

For my galaxy I only needed four colours; black, white, dark blue and light blue but you can use more colours if you like.
Nails Inc Chelsea, 17 Mini Skirt, Nails Inc Baker Street, Barry M Blueberry Icecream and Sally Hansen Double Duty and medium length nail art brush/paint brush a dotting tool will be needed too.  
 For each step you'll need a blob of the colour and topcoat (not fast drying!)

Step One - Paint your nails black or a suitably dark colour.
Step Two - Using the paint brush blob the darker colour onto your nail and spread it out using long brush strokes, don't be neat. Whilst it's still wet with the same brush dip into the topcoat and smudge the edges out.
In the video I show you the smudging method for the lighter colour which goes on top of the darker colour whilst it's still wet.
Step Three - blob on the lighter colour (in this case in the middle of the darker but it can be towards one side) and immediately dip into the topcoat and push the polish outwards in wispy strokes to blend into the darker colour. If you need to add some more dark and blend into the lighter colour.
Step Four - Repeat the above step with the white polish, the star is going to go over the smudged white circle.
Step Five - Add a white circle for a star once the other colours have dried.
Step Six - Finally add more smaller stars and then a top coat!
So that's it! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I hope it was clear and usefull, don't laugh at the video too much :P. Let me know if you try this out :D


RarityBlu said...

Wow! THanks for this! xo

M. Fourey said...

That's a GREAT tutorial, Abbie! Thanks for doing it and for doing it so fast :D I was going to do some galaxy nails last weekend but decided to do a dripping paint manicure instead. Now I am so glad I did, because I'll be able to use your tutorial ^^

Unknown said...

Thanks sooo much! I can't wait to break out my Nails Inc Baker Street and try this out!

Unknown said...

Wow just wow! Your nails are amazing!

Jazz x

Lizzy said...

Great tutorial! The video really helped. You make it look so easy. :D

gin shivers said...

Sold on this look :) I am offically hooked *follows and drools*

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