Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween nails now and then

Hi, yes I'm still here.....I have literally no time at the moment to blog as by the time I get home from uni it's dark!
I made the effort for today though, I love halloween but I'm not doing anything this year, can't really afford it seeing as I'M GOING TO NEW YORK IN FEBRUARY!!!!!!! I cannot waittttttttttttttt, I look forward to doing some serious shopping and checking out galleries of course but woooohoooooooooooo.

These are my nails this year complete with bandaged nail which has started to rip near the start of my finger!! So it was necessary to save it, no way I was going to file it that short!! But I decided to leave it un polished as it looks kind of creepy ahaha. My index is a fang of course with blood smeared on it.

My thumbs are my favourite though
Got those beauties from a craft store for 10p each! Bargain, they're so cute! I was going for vampire lady nails this year ;).

For a laugh here are my nails this time last year, taken on my mobile at night with short nails ewwww
That's it for now but we don't have a brief this week so I plan on changing my nails a couple of times, you know make the most of my free time :P have a happy and safe halloween!



Unknown said...

ahhh your nails are so stunning! I love the thumbs!

Jazz x

Unknown said...

The thumbs are amazing! You have definitely come a long way from last year!

Lizzy said...

Amazing designs!! Sorry about the rip. *yikes* I SO wish I could meet you in New York!!!!! Unfortunately it's almost as far away from me as it is from you. LOL I hope you have a great time and I can't wait to read all about it. :D

Unknown said...

Just lovin it so hard!

Kas said...

Those thumbs look fantastic! Jealous of your nails :P Long nails really suit you.

You'll love NYC(well I hope you will). I know I do. I hate when I have to leave :(

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