Saturday, 3 November 2012

Geometric mix up nail art

Hi! My titles are really lacking :P but it gives you a good idea of what to expect ;). So for a while I've admired girls who can do mix up nails really well as each time I tried to think of different designs I just couldn't think of designs that would flow, and don't get me started on the colours! The oher day I sat down and thought about it, I chose 7 colours that go together and then thought of the theme of geometric.
At first I got a few nails wrong but the second time designs are always better :P. My reason for choosing geometric was that I've been dying to try out houndstooth! I enjoyed making all the designs especially my middle fingers, the houndstooth ones and the Mondrian inspired nail ;).

For all these nails I used the long fine brush which I like at you can create good flat edges or small points. For the black lines I used a black striper and same for the white lines.
The colours I used are:
Left hand
Little Finger - Barry M Blueberry Ice cream
Ring - 17 Mini Skirt
Middle - Illamasqua Nomad
Index - Dior Lucky

Right hand
Middle - Models Own Purple Poppy
Index - Urban Outfitters, it has no name but I'm pretty sure it's the same as models own Disco Mix but I'm not sure.

I really enjoyed doing these nails, the houndstooth is surprisingly easy as all it is, is a square with two lines then an egg timer shape at the top :P.. I like the Mondrian inspired nail as it's quite eye catching with the bold black lines :). I used the glitter on my index finger as that finger is still bandaged up so I figured normal polish wouldn't go smoothly on top as they aren't lying flat. It's a nice glitter, it went on really easily and this was opaque in three coats.  

I'm off to a fireworks display tonight for bonfire night which is always fun, it's nice and cold so I get to wrap up in layers and get a hot chocolate and eat hot dogs...but no hot dogs as I don't like them :P it's also a chance for me to take out my little olumpus trip and take some sneaky photos of people ;)
How lovely is it? I love the snakeskin ;) I've loaded her with black and white film and I hope to get some good shots that I can process at uni on monday :).
Have a good weekend everyone!


Lizzy said...

Fabulous nails!! Your houndstooth is amazing! *dies* Love your camera as well. Have fun at the fireworks!! :D

Unknown said...

This is awesome Abbie! Your freehand skills are amazing! :)

M. Fourey said...

This mani looks gorgeous ^^ So fun! Have fun tonight! :D And take a lot of good pictures to show us!

Unknown said...

I'm so jealous at how awesome this looks! All the prints are perfect and clean wow!

Unknown said...

In love! U r so talented.

Kas said...

This are amazing. And the fact that they are ALL different makes it even better!

The Sneakerette said...

your triangle design is my favorite! i always try to stick with a couple of colors whenever doing mixed designs--i think it makes the look seem more coherent :D

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